Versatile Dressing for the busy Beyond Mom- Featuring HEUCY’s Perfect Ten


It’s 7am.  You’re awake, enjoying your first cup of tea or coffee.  If you’re lucky, your kids are still asleep and you can look at your calendar.  Uninterrupted.

It looks like you’ll be busy all day long, assuming so many roles you could win an Oscar. Watch out, Julianne Moore!

Which leads to a sort of terrifying dilemma.  How do you make it from morning drop-off, to a networking event, to yoga, to music class, to a working lunch, to an afternoon meeting, to pick-up, through bath and books and dinner…and then dinner out at the cool new spot in Tribeca…in one outfit? It seems impossible.  But you have to figure out a solution because you will in fact be all over New York today, and time for an outfit change doesn’t seem feasible.

Relax.  Breathe in, breathe out.  We have a solution for you.  It’s called the Perfect Ten, and we named it so because it will make you look like a Perfect Ten…while you are doing the ten or more things you do every day – or every hour – as part of your Beyond Mom life!  Having a full life is wonderful, but you need the wardrobe to make it possible.



We’re lucky to have our two favorite Beyond Moms modeling the Perfect Ten dress, and here is a list of Ten Ways to Wear It (which won’t break your wallet or your back, if you’re carrying a duffel bag):

-Pair it with black, gray, nude or animal print suede ballet flats – these are comfortable, great for walking around town and can easily transition from day to night.

-Tie a knot belt around your waist– the new craze for Spring.  We especially love Michael Kors’ version, in leather.

-Pair with colorful booties (a la Aileen) and leggings and a fur vest (a la Randi).  If the night-time temps drop, or rain starts to fall, you are covered.  Fashion-wise and literally.

-Wear it over tights or leggings.  We wear the Perfect Ten over our yoga clothes, if a class can fit into the schedule, and bring a change of underwear in our bag.

-Carry a large but classy shoulder bag, that can easily hold said underwear and heels (if your after hours event is really fancy).  Mark & Graham has great options that can be monogrammed and kept forever (ergo, a great investment)

-Throw a crop top over it.  This is a fabulous solution for those of us (myself included!) who are still a bit scared of revealing our tummies.

-Wear a white button down shirt underneath.  A very cute, sophisticated-meets-Parisian-schoolgirl look.  Perfect for early spring days when you need to layer.

-Make your hair the center of attention.  Put your hair in braids and at the end of the day, you’ll have long, beachy hair to go with your super-comfy jersey dress.

-Wear with absolutely nothing except a nice cup of herbal tea and a book.  You earned it!

-At the beach (since Spring Break is upon us) – and I just did this in Miami, so I know – wear it with a hat, over your bathing suit (see photo above).  It can be your entire day and night-time look.  My friends were amazed by how versatile this dress is.  I also accessorized with my daughter’s bracelet, which made me feel good since I was sans bebes on a girls’ trip

Check out HEUCY and the Perfect Ten Dress!