True Beyond Mom Stories 2017


At Beyond Mom we appreciate true stories about women who are living real, brave and beautiful lives. These five women opened their hearts to us expressing the challenges and joys of being a Beyond Mom. These women have taken on major life transitions as well as heartbreaks that have only empowered their experience as leaders, entrepreneurs and mothers. From saying goodbye to taking on new adventures and standing up for what they believe in- these are the true Beyond Mom stories from 2017 that we are sharing with you before we wrap up the year.

Saying Goodbye to the City that Never Stops

To the city that raised our children, made our dreams come true and challenged us to grow… how could we possibly express our love and gratitude to a place, a real part of our lives, like New York City? Beyond Mom and New Yorker for 18 years, Deb Ross is ready to move on from this city, but not before she says goodbye. In her heartfelt piece for Beyond Mom, Deb reflects on the many lives she had lived in this city, and how you’re never really ready to say goodbye to a major phase of your life. Step into her experience here.

Empowering Our Girls. Yes, You are All That And Some

“There are all sorts of studies that come out and teach us how to empower our girls… but the bottom line is we just have to go with our gut.”
As a mom of a young girl, Hope McGrath knows that the intention to raise a confident young lady and eventually a strong woman is one of many challenges. She shared her story on empowering our girls with Beyond Mom right here.

Empathy, a Silver Lining of My Infertility

Natalie Stanton learned so much about empathy throughout her journey with infertility, and she’s sharing those precious lessons with Beyond Mom. An ex-licensed real estate broker and ex-practicing attorney, Natalie writes about her struggles to bear children to help heal herself from the trauma and to help others struggling. Read her beautiful story.

A Mother and Health Coach’s Journey: Healing from a Traumatic Brain Injury with Radical Self-Care

Healing our bodies, minds and our hearts after trauma is always a process. Christine Beal Dunst of Embody Wellness shares her vulnerable story of her car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. Her story is both inspiring as she cultivates self-care and patience and as a reminder of the precious nature of life. Find out how this mother and health coach embarked on a journey of healing and transformation right here.

How to Embrace Being a Single Beyond Mom

Embrace it. Find your team. Get some you time. Laura Kovall is the founder and CEO of Fit Co. She’s also a single mother who knows that as mamas (and especially as single mamas) we have to trust and love ourselves and embrace the journey with all its windy turns, hills and valleys.
She shares with us her own experience as well as tips on embracing this role as a single Beyond Mom right here.