The Big Beyond Mom Announcement…

Happy summer Beyond Mom Friends and Family!

Today I share with you BIG Beyond Mom news- that affects me both personally and professionally:

My husband and I are expecting baby number two in January 2016! And even BIGGER NEWS: it’s a GIRL!

I couldn’t be more excited or thrilled at the honor of becoming the mom of a little girl. I can hardly wait to experience the world through her eyes, to guide her, encourage her and of course….dress her! It will also be thrilling to watch Micah, now three and half, become a big brother and how that will shape his character and grow his heart. As an only child myself, the sibling relationship isn’t one I understand intimately, I’ve always been more of the observer of it. So I will watch it evolve with my own sense of wonder, curiosity, and fascination.

Confession: becoming a mom for the second time was not a decision that came easy to me. I’m deeply committed to growing the beyond mom community and feel like I just found my “work/life balance” or my personal “flow” when my son entered toddlerhood. Going back into the baby realm with a busy little boy to boot, for me feels daunting. But I’ve watched many of you, the Beyond Moms that have inspired me (whether you know it or not) raise numerous children, run businesses, take good care of themselves and their relationships and I thought, if they can do it, I can do it too, right?

Living the Beyond Mom life, I’m realizing, doesn’t mean that we have it all figured out or that every day is perfect and efficient. What it means is that we put our best foot forward. That we lead with our hearts. That we surround ourselves with the support and inspiration that makes our dreams possible.

And so as many of you have turned to me for tidbits on how to get your business started or how to fit in your workouts during the busiest of weeks, I may now be turning to you for your wisdom as I enter this new stage of my life as the mom of two, and of course, the mom of a little girl, a role I don’t take lightly.

I can’t wait to share the journey with you in a way that is as honest and real as I can and I continue to feel grateful for all of you who have shown me how much love is possible as our families grow!

Photo by Nafisa Skeie