Summer Dressing, Deconstructed: HEUCY’s Top 5 Wardrobe Picks


Calling all stylish Beyond Moms! Read below for Heucy’s tips for a fabulous easy-breezy summer style.    

It’s (finally?) over 80 degrees, and while I’ve been waiting in vain for warmer weather, the familiar summer wardrobe angst has hit me yet again.

What do you wear when you’re schlepping kids/groceries/work papers/etc. all over the city, and you don’t want to look like road kill come 5pm?

At HEUCY, we’re big advocates of “light dressing” during the summer months (not the oil and vinegar kind, although we like that too). Here are our top 5 wardrobe picks to help you look and feel cool, even during the hottest days.

1) Rompers – these aren’t just for Lena Dunham and the twenty-something Brooklyn set. If you’re in that category, enjoy your youth and good looks…we’ll try to recreate ours with the same type of onesie and a light tailored blazer, to give the romper a little adult edge. (Confession: my son’s teacher was wearing a green romper the other day with a white tuxedo-ish jacket, and she looked incredibly chic and respectable).

Our pick: the HEUCY Happier Hour, which is perfect for busy days in the city or lazy afternoons at the beach. The eco-friendly fabric barely wrinkles and is very easy to pack for that weekend in Montauk, or the night tasting craft brews with your honey.


2) Loose sundresses – we’re so happy to see that the sundress has made a real fashion comeback! I mean, who can wear jeans in hot weather? The last time I did, I felt like I was removing a wetsuit after I got home. Never again.

Our pick: the HEUCY Problem Solver. Also the perfect day-to-night solution whether you’re hoofing the pavement or chasing kids on the playground. And the color, a Heather Indigo, works for all occasions.


3) A racer back dress – trust us, this style is universally flattering. We haven’t been to SLT in a while (or any exercise class, for that matter) but regardless, we will be tossing on our Date Night dresses come this weekend. It’s something about exposing shoulder blades that just balances everything out.

HEUCY’s feather print version is a subtle homage to the tropics, and the adjustable side zipper will be appreciated by your date…and by you, when the bar gets really hot.


4) White! This is a color that looks good on everyone. And we’re no longer committed to those silly rules about wearing white only after Memorial Day. Even though it is, technically, after Memorial Day.

Our pick: HEUCY’s Burnout Dress. Beloved by our customers because it is SO COMFORTABLE! And a really great pool-to-cocktails number. If you are traveling this summer, take this dress with you. It is so comfortable, you’ll wear it for twelve-hour stretches and you may want to sleep in it.


5) Our final pick is not clothing, but an accessory we’ve grown to love. Tom’s Original Care deodorant! Finally we’ve found a deodorant that really covers odor and perspiration…and it doesn’t rub off on your clothes! And it’s 100% organic and eco-friendly. It’s not a dream. It’s Tom’s, and it’s available at your neighborhood drug store.


The HEUCY Team