Seven Keys to Release Worry & Enjoy Life


Most mothers tend to worry, don’t they? Some of us can’t help it. Problem is, it doesn’t help us or anyone. How can we let go of all the worrying? Personally, worrying runs in the family. As my daughter grew, I noticed the overthinking and concern about her every meal or activity was negatively affecting her and me. It was time to release my overbearing tendencies. It doesn’t help that I have an only child, so who else is this nurturing mama going to look after? Cats don’t require much. Husband is self-sufficient…for the most part.

Now I make a conscious effort to let go every day and it takes work. This is why I was so surprised when I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s point of view from her book “Big Magic.” When reflecting on how her parents raised her, she states, “Maybe because they didn’t worry too much about me, I didn’t worry too much about me either.” What? That sounds amazing! Children emanate their parents, whether we like it or not. Gilbert shared that she felt this freedom from worrying about the future and in turn it appears she had the confidence to follow her dreams despite all the challenges in her way. I’m inspired.

Elizabeth Gilbert goes on to state, “It also never occurred to me to go ask an authority figure for permission to become a writer. I’d never seen anybody in my family ask anyone for permission to do anything.” Wow! Just live your life and not care what anybody thinks? This is the ultimate key to freedom….accepting yourself, connecting with your truth and than not needing to run your dreams by anybody. Love it! I help all the women in my coaching programs do just that. Redirect our mindsets to exude radiant confidence, ditch the people pleasing and take action towards the dream life.

I’ve learned over the years that when we release the overthinking, assumptions and worry, we can free ourselves to enjoy the present moment in our lives and enrich our rockstar Beyond Mom status. This is not an easy feat. You got this.

Seven Keys to Release Worry & Enjoy Life

  1. Awareness is required first. Watch what you say. Be mindful of your thoughts. Think positive. Fake it ’til you make it.
  2. Carve out Beyond Mom me-time for rest and relaxation –what is that you ask? 🙂
  3. Develop a meditation practice. Just a few minutes of being conscious of your breathing can help you find clarity, feel calm and get centered.
  4. Write. Hand-written journaling regularly allows you to release your inner thoughts and worry-wart tendencies
  5. Commit to your wellness routine. Yes. Find your favorite form of exercise and just do it. If you dislike the gym, do something else. I do. You can too.
  6. Laugh a lot. Laughing has all sorts of health benefits, so lighten up and have fun.
  7. Dive into a spiritual practice. Having faith and spirituality in your life offers much benefit.

How to add all the above into your busy life you ask? Little by little. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Make a schedule for yourself and commit. If you would love support to dive deeper and take action for your dream visions and life balance, then I invite you to for a complimentary Spark Session, my enlightening coaching consultation. Here’s to letting go of worry and living with more faith.

Hope McGrath

Transformational Coach & Fashion Consultant