Quick Fitness in the Comfort of your Home: EMBODY Wellness Company’s Top 30 Minute Workouts


Busy with a demanding job, kids or both? Trying to juggle doing it all while feeling and looking your best? We find it so hard to carve out the time for an hour class plus travel time each day- let alone the logistics and expense of a babysitter! So, we set realistic goals for ourselves and then commit to them. Get to a class a few times a week and then try out some of our favorite at home workouts to complete the rest! Live classes keep us accountable and we love the energy of a group workout, but mixing it up saves you time, money, and mental fatigue. We sampled over 50 different online workout videos and DVD’s throughout the years and compiled our favorites for you to try at home!

From working 80 hour weeks while trying to squeeze in workouts, staying fit during pregnancy, getting our bodies back post pregnancy and beyond, we learned that even 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week can do wonders for your mood and waistline.

It takes a bit of self-discipline to workout at home, but we challenge you to try it and see what happens! It helps to vary your workouts weekly, or based on your mood. Schedule a time on your calendar (plan ahead) and hold yourself accountable to it. Before your kids wake up, after they go to bed, or during a lunch break or nap time. You deserve it.

Here are our favorite workouts to help you along your wellness journey. Thanks to the Internet, many of the below are available online for a streaming fee. Some are DVDs and others are available via websites. And remember: you can always do a circuit of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, pushups and plank pose: 1 min each move, rest one minute and repeat for 4 rounds and get a full body workout anywhere and anytime!

Yogaglo.com– meditation and yoga (pre and postnatal options)

$18/month for unlimited yoga/mediation.

Filter by teacher, style, level and duration (brilliant!). Keep your daily yoga practice with just 10 minutes a day! Many teachers are great, but I suggest Elena Brower. Her brief meditations are blissful, sweet and profound.

Parents should try “Meditation for Stressed Parents” 20 minutes helps me re-gain perspective.

Or try “Yoga Nidra For A Sweet Release” a 10 minute calming ritual before bed.


Streams hundreds of online workouts right from your home. Also offers one on one instructor support, new workouts every week, step by step training videos, weekly workout plans and videos. Plans start at $15/month.

AKT In Motion– Tone/Sculpt/Strength/Dance Cardio

On-demand unlimited classes for 49.99$/month or DVD(s)

Body By Simon via Sweaty Betty Free Workout Series– HIIT

On-line and FREE 30 minute HIIT

Body by Simon– Tone/Sculpt/Strength/Dance Cardio

On-demand unlimited classes for 14.99$/month or DVD(s)

Tracey Anderson Method– Tone/Sculpt/Dance Cardio (pre and postnatal options


“Mat Workout”: Total body sculp.

“Metamorphosis”:   customized DVD set based on YOUR body type and specific targeting needs.

“Pregnancy Project”: 1 DVD per month of your pregnancy. Excellent to keep you fit and safe throughout your pregnancy.

“Post Pregnancy 2”: It’s HARD but helped get rid of my “muffin top”.

Online streaming: $475 for 6 months

Physique 57 Online Workouts or DVDs– Tone/Sculpt/Barre (some cardio) (pre and postnatal options)

Online streaming: $30 or $57 per month

Rebounding with weights and your favorite music- cardio

Mini-trampolines are great for lympathic cleansing and getting your cardio in. Even 10 minutes gets you energized!

PIYO 10 30-Minute Workout DVD Series or On-demand by Beachbody– Tone/Sculpt/Strength/Cardio

Great variety, challenge and integration of yoga/pilates and strength training.

PX90 X3 16 30-Minute Workout DVD Series or On-demand by Beachbody: Tone/Sculpt/Strength/Cardio

Great workout variety.

30 minutes each: More extreme and intense then PIYO. I noticed greatest results by doing a hybrid PIYO/PX90X3 three month program PLUS eating clean.


We hope these tips help you EMBODY Wellness. EMBODY Change. EMBODY Your Best Self!

With love and gratitude,

Christine & Stephanie


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