Invest in Yourself


I recently went through a fascinating exercise, given to me by my coach Rha Goddess, CEO and founder of Move the Crowd. She asked me to “Take Stock” of 2017, to analyze the year behind me in great detail: what did I accomplish and what/who supported that accomplishment, what didn’t happen in a way I was pleased with and why, what am I celebrating and what will I let go from 2017 as well as what should get carried forward into 2018, both energetically and on my concrete to-do list? We’re often asked to set intentions for the new year, but rarely do we really take time to study the year we are leaving behind.

I wanted to share with you my greatest takeaway. In 2017, I finally invested in myself in a way that has reaped results. Many of us think that because we workout, or eat relatively well or take getaways, that we are investing in ourselves on the personal level. And we are. But the kind of investment I’m talking about is the kind that’s not always easy, that can feel scary and painful, but you do it because… want more. More productivity. More contentedness. To be more YOU than ever.

Over the past few years, those of you who have followed have watched me launch and share Beyond Mom. What I didn’t always say was that Beyond Mom came from the part of me that felt more intact and activated. But there are other parts of me that have been splintered, moved to the shadows, and I have existed in between these parts always feeling a little less then whole. And it finally hit me at the end of 2016 that I wanted to be one person, one unified ME, no longer changing my voice or perspective depending on what part of my life was getting acknowledged. And finally I decided to focus my time and resources on getting support.

Here’s who supported me, giving me the tools and know-how needed to get me to where I am right now at the beginning of 2018:

My therapist

We all need a safe haven, a place to say whatever is on our mind, in our hearts, to give a voice to the dialogues we have in our own heads, the stories that even we have forgotten until we get talking, the insights that change how we see a moment that has defined our own story for more years than we can remember. These are the gifts a good therapist can give and I’m grateful to mine for creating that safe space and challenging me to work past what has limited me.

My Coach

When I started working with Rha, I didn’t realize how many skeletons I had in my closet. I thought I was working with her to grow Beyond Mom but it turns out that I had repressed my feelings about the role I play in my late father’s businesses. I related to it like an illness, something I had to “deal” with and not something that I stepped into with clarity and purpose. Why? That’s what we’ve figured out and the patterns we’ve been breaking. And it’s allowed me to show up in every part of my life with so much more personal power, clarity of voice, and even gratitude for the potential growth in every moment.

My pilates instructor

Not surprisingly, our body expresses our inner reality and for several years, I’d been feeling like I had two bodies- one-half that seemed to move normally and the other half that felt tight and painful. Just as I felt emotionally disjointed, so did my body. Similarly to how my coach and therapist helped to give me space to explore my reality and bring me back into alignment, so did my pilates instructor. She helped me see where I was too tightly wound and where I was weak, where I was out of alignment and how to mindfully adjust. This work has put me into a place of less pain and has given me tools to get myself out of pain when the discomfort comes. And isn’t that what its about for our body and our mind?

I’ve discovered that…

These three individuals have made a huge impact in my life. But they made their impact because I was ready for their work to impact me; I was ready to be a more aligned, powerful, activated person, a person at peace with who I am and my circumstances.

We all have our broken pieces and blind spots. But deep down we know the spaces that we need to touch in ourselves in order to come to peace with who we are right now. We just need to ask ourselves the right questions, so perhaps, start with these ones:

  • What are the parts of my life that scare me, yet deep inside, I know lay the greatest potential?
  • What gives me stress and anxiety that I’d like to move past?
  • What kind of ease would I welcome into my life, if I could have it?

If you do some journaling on these questions, I bet you’d get some clarity on where some work can be done, and thus, where you might invest in yourself more deeply.

Many of us don’t know where to begin, but stepping into spaces for introspection, community, and meaningful conversation can be the beginning you’re looking for. I invite you into that kind of sacred space on February 10th at the Beyond Mom Urban Retreat. I know you will walk away with new direction and most importantly, unshakeable commitment to your worth and potential.

It would be my honor to see you there! Spaces are filling up so sign up now and invite your dearest friends who could share this kind of experience with you! Sign up here!