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Sarah Lux-Lee

Founder of Mindr


Sarah Lux-Lee is the founder of Mindr, an organization that has been called the “TED talk of the parenting world,” bringing together new parents to meet, mingle and learn about everything from entrepreneurship to fashion to politics. She has created a space for moms to feel like real, full humans again while they connect with other like-minded women. Don’t miss the upcoming Mindr event on Monday, October 30th on the Upper East Side featuring Randi and her book Going Beyond Mom- How to Activate Your Mind, Body & Business After Baby as she offers tools on how to avoid burnout as a new mom. Check out why Sarah believes community is so important for new moms and why you have to think small before you think big!

What is Mindr? 

Mindr runs talks, workshops, classes and events led by global experts, where crying babies are welcome. We’ve been called the ‘TED talks of the parenting world’ because we bring together new parents to meet, mingle and learn about everything from entrepreneurship to fashion to politics. In a deeper sense, Mindr is a gathering ground for people who want to feel like real, full humans, balancing all the joy and wonder of babies and young kids with the things that used to interest and drive us before the sweet ones came along. We have an amazing community of new parents who come together regularly to support each other, pursue their personal or professional interests, eat excellent snacks and have a great time.

Why is it important for new moms to surround themselves with like-minded people? 

Becoming a new parent is such a unique and special time in our lives, but it can also be really scary. For one thing, you now have this little bundle who is completely dependent on you and your Google skills to keep him or her going. But on top of that, parenthood shakes up all your personal and professional routines and trajectories. Connecting with others who honestly get what you’re going through, and can share their guidance, experience or just a hug when it’s needed is truly invaluable. 

Creating spaces where it’s easy for a new mom to find her tribe has been central to Mindr’s mission. We’ve also loved connecting with other local groups that are working to achieve this, like the Beyond Mom community, as well as Nibble + Squeak (which hosts baby-friendly fine dining experiences for the foodie parent), Mother Untitled (a site for modern women creating space for motherhood), the Fifth Trimester movement (supporting moms through the transition back to work), and others.

Photography credit: Mindr

You started Mindr around the same time as you had your daughter Ella. What were some of the challenges in balancing Mindr and your baby, and how did you overcome them? 

Creating a new initiative can feel a lot like caring for a baby – it feels like you should be spending every waking moment caring for it, nurturing it to grow, and giving it the best chance to thrive. So when you’re trying out something entrepreneurial at the same time as caring for an actual new baby, the competing demands on your time and creative energy can become overwhelming.

The best advice I have for new moms who are considering entrepreneurship is to think small before you think big. You might have a groundbreaking idea, but you don’t need to execute it all tomorrow. Thinking about the little, achievable parts of it make it much more likely you’ll actually get started, and eventually succeed. For me, this meant talking to a lot of other moms about my idea for Mindr, getting feedback, and then testing it out, one achievable step at a time.

Erika Velazquez Alpern, who recently spoke to the Mindr community on female entrepreneurship, said it this way: “it’s actually really powerful to say… I know what my five year plan is, but what can I do tomorrow?”  

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Tell us about your upcoming event with Randi Zinn, “The #MINDRMAMA guide to avoiding burnout”? 

We are so excited to host Randi as the speaking for our upcoming Mindr event on Monday, October 30th on the Upper East Side. 

Burnout is a problem facing many new moms. There are so many competing needs and demands: be emotionally and physically present for your kids, continue driving forward your professional or personal goals, be a loving and attentive partner and friend, build your career, be there for your relatives, get back in shape, try something new. It can be exhausting. 

Randi is going to share some of her insights as a mindfulness expert to help us cut through the noise, feel centered and get things done. We’ll be meeting at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, and chatting over coffee and baked goods, which for me are a critical ingredient to facing the day.

You can register here to join us in conversation with Randi next Monday!

Where can people learn more about Mindr? 

Come be a part of the Mindr community on Instagram, Facebook and on our website. We also have a mailing list that you can join to hear about future events. And if you want a snapshot of the Mindr experience, check out this little news segment from one of our recent gatherings. Hope to see you and your little one at a Mindr event soon!

Photography credit: Mindr