Beyond Mom Interviews

Rachel Gottlieb

Senior Vice President- Gottlieb Rose Wealth Management


Rachel Gottlieb always wanted to be a mom. In 2011 her dream came true and Zac was born. Rachel immediately had to learn how to balance her family and her business life as a financial advisor. This Beyond Mom did it without skipping a beat while still being able to spend quality time with Zac. Once she became pregnant with her second child, Lexi, her business had become so robust that taking a traditional maternity leave would not be possible; she had to revamp her business to allow her to “do it all”.  That year, not only did her business grow, but she was named as the only female on the top 35 under 35 financial advisors. Rachel formed a team, Gottlieb Rose Wealth Management but she didn’t stop there. On a sleepless night, Rachel had the idea to write a children’s book teaching kids about money- how to spend, save, give and invest. In 2016 Rachel published the book – Zac’s Dollar Dilemma. Find out more about this impressive Beyond Mom below!

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

As we all know, being a mom is a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week role. Simultaneously, along with my partner, I run a business and manage 3/4 of a billion dollars of client’s money.

I help families plan for their financial goals and manage their wealth. Seeing money pass from generation to generation, I know first-hand that it is crucial that we talk to our children about money at a young age. With my clients and my own children in mind, I had the idea on a sleepless night to write a children’s book teaching kids about money- how to spend, save, give and invest. It was a tempting to chalk it up to another idea never executed upon, but I was passionate about doing it so I found time to write Zac’s Dollar Dilemma

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

Everything! Being a mom completely changes you. Motherhood is by far the hardest thing but also the most rewarding one! Sometimes I feel like I have to be superwoman to make it out of the door in one piece. But overall, I love being a mom and I find fulfillment in helping families plan for their future. 

Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?  

Being in a male-dominated industry where the average advisor is a 65 year old man, I never wanted to compromise my femininity to fit in and I decided to own who I am. I think it is extremely important for women to stick together in the workplace and I have found so many incredible women that have inspired me along the way, particularly when things get stressful. As a recognized “Top 200 Women Financial Advisor,” I recently attended the Forbes Magazine Top Advisor conference. I had an opportunity to speak on a panel about the aging client with Kirsten Pickens, a Partner at Chiron Investment Management. When the panel began, it was pretty clear from the facial expressions that the room was skeptic on the ability of us younger women to provide a level of expertise on the topic. One advisor openly commented on the lack of work ethic of the younger generations compared to when he had started the business. However, we stayed strong, came in prepared and despite the first impression of our age, our expertise shined. We offered insight, ideas and different perspectives (from a woman and younger generation). From our stories it was clear that we had more success connecting with the female client as she became suddenly single or the children by staying relevant and current. The same advisor that walked in skeptic then commented that this was the best session of the entire conference. I am in an industry that is vastly changing, with women now controlling 60% of the wealth. It is important that women advisors –and all working mothers in general- continue to stick together and encourage each other to continue juggling. Hopefully we can inspire more young women to enter into the business along the way!  

What relationships help you stay connected to yourself? 

There are a lot of relationships that are super important in helping me stay connected to myself—laughing with my girlfriends, phone calls with my mom, date night and of course allotting time for daily cuddles with Zac and Lexi!

Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? If so, please share… 

I am on a mission to educate children (and adults) about money to promote financial literacy. I wrote Zac’s Dollar Dilemma to marry my two “jobs” – being a mom and being a financial advisor. Zac’s Dollar Dilemma is a picture book for preschool/early elementary school children, seeking to teach children the value of a dollar and introduce the concepts of spending, saving, giving and investing through a fun adventure. I have spent a lot of time going into schools and sitting with children to teach them the value of a dollar. I’m currently on the early stages of working on my next book but it will be a little bit of a different angle.

What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you? 

I love my Peloton bike! As a Beyond Mom, time is not on my side. Having the Peloton in my house helps me find time during the week to squeeze in a workout around my schedule. There’s been times where I wake up and look at the clock and see it’s 5 am and think to myself it’s now or never. Flexibility is a clutch!

How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer? 

Putting yourself together is always a good confidence booster. When you feel good you can really put your best foot forward. I am loving REISS for classic easy to wear while stylish dresses for work.

Favorite Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food: 

I am a big foodie and get a great deal of satisfaction from a good meal whether it’s with a group of friends or even just sitting at the bar and trying a bunch of appetizers with a nice glass of wine. There are too many amazing NYC restaurants to name and I love trying new ones! I prefer rose or pinot griot in the summer and a nice cabernet in the winter.

Beyond Workout:

I’m a big class person, and I particularly love SLT and Physique 57. I use the Peloton when I need to squeeze in a workout. When the weather is nice there is nothing better than a run outside.

Beyond Shopping:

I love walking around Soho and shopping and of course it is always fun to run into Saks!