Beyond Mom Interviews

Pilin Anice

Dance & Yoga Instructor, Performing Artist and Model


Beyond Mom was privileged to welcome Pilin Anice as a panelist at our recent Mindfulness and Motherhood event!  We knew we had to tell our readers more about her! Pilin is passionate about helping others tune into their highest self by improving their health and wellbeing. From universities to community organizations, she has guided students of all ages in the sacred movements of yoga and dance through a range of workshops and classes. She has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, BET/CentricTV, and YogaXpress. Pilin earned her 200 Hour RYT at Reflections Yoga in Guatemala and is certified in holistic nutrition as well as Thai Massage Therapy. A proud member of Actor Equity Association, Pilin has performed Off-Broadway, on National Tours and in regional productions. Pilin shares with us why the mom guilt has got to stop and how compassion, empathy and meta meditation are great tools for releasing the need for perfection.

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

How wonderful to be considered a Beyond Mom! I think being a courageous conscious mother who is committed to staying true to my highest self, while pursing my passions, amidst all that motherhood brings, makes me a Beyond Mom!

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a mom?

Motherhood has been, and will continue to be, a constant learning and expansive experience in so many ways! I always say our children are our greatest teachers. Mine have taught me the full meaning of patience, unconditional love, compassion, and being present. 

Do you have a Beyond dream that you are pursing?

Yes, I have several. One is completing and publishing a book I am working on that will provide healthy living tools for mommas and their families.

What relationships and activities help you stay connected to yourself?

My morning meditation and yoga ritual is essential for me to stay connected and grounded. I also love dancing and music. So going to a dance class is sure way for me ignite my inner fire! 

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?

I try to remember to just ‘go with the flow’. There will be ups and downs, unexpected twist and turns, but everything is transitory, impermanent. When we remember this, its easier to ride the waves of life with grace, ease, and non attachment. 

What causes and topics are you most passionate about right now?

I am very passionate about a class I teach called Afro Flow Yoga®. I have been leading classes for over six years and have witnessed the healing it brings to all age groups through yoga, dance, live drumming, and community. It truly has the capacity to be a container for social change and healing individually and collectively.

I also support the EWG and fully resonate with their mission to educate people to live greener cleaner lives. 

How do you think we can change our culture from one in which a woman is expected to be a “perfect mother” to one in which she is encouraged to discover and explore her evolving self?

By truly releasing judgment for ourselves and others. Then replacing it with empathy and leading with COMPASSION. The mom guilt has got to stop! We are all doing the best we can and there shouldn’t be any pressure to achieve some ideal. Meta Meditation is great tool to move beyond negative mental chatter. Joining a community of mothers, like Beyond Mom, where you have support from other moms who will listen, shower you with love and encouragement in the moments you’re feeling down. It is in these moments where evolution and discoveries take place. 

Favorite go-to’s for:

Beyond Food (what do you cook & where do you go locally?)

I usually cook and eat simple nourishing foods like legumes, grains, and veggies with a tasty sauces to add a little flair. If I’m out, I will stop at By Chloe or Blossom.

Beyond Content (Books & Podcasts)

 Sacred Woman by Queen Afua, TED Talks, Super Soul Conversations

Beyond Style

Athleta, Free People

Beyond Workout

Afro Flow Yoga, Barre, Ailey Extension Dance Classes