Beyond Mom Interviews

Peggy Economou

Founder of Teat & Cosset


The last several years have been a whirlwind for Peggy Economou. She quit her investment banking job in NYC, traveled the world, met her husband, moved to Italy, changed careers, got married and had a baby! While Peggy was breastfeeding she struggled to find the right clothing pieces to support her new mom experience. This led her to launching Teat & Cosset, a clothing collection for nursing moms. She was excited to find that wearing beautiful, yet functional clothes positively changed how she felt about her experience nursing and pumping. Peggy will be in NYC this weekend from Italy for a special series of trunk shows (details at the bottom). In the meantime, find out more about this adventurous Beyond Mom below!

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

When my daughter Dafne was born I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I felt that I was in limbo and it was difficult to balance her needs as well as my own. I knew that if I wanted to be a good mother I had to nurture myself first. Since then I’ve launched Teat & Cosset, a clothing collection for nursing moms. I finally feel like myself again because I am pursuing my passions and nurturing both my personal and professional goals.

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

I have become more patient and forgiving, which I think are key to being a good parent and growing as a person. I’ve also learned to be more present, especially when I spend time with my daughter.

Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?  

My first true collaboration with another woman was when I launched Teat & Cosset and brought on my good friend Silvia to help. We have a great working relationship and although we don’t always agree, we keep each other going and inspire each other when things get difficult. The partnership works because of honesty, communication and the fact that we both bring different ideas to the table.    

What relationships help you stay connected to yourself? 

The relationships with my friends, especially the friends I had before becoming a mother. Even if we don’t meet as often, reconnecting with them keeps me inspired as we share our dreams and goals for the future.

Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? If so, please share… 

My clothing line, Teat and Cosset! Since I’ve launched the collection, my dream is to grow the company and show my daughter that anything is possible. I want her to see my passion for work and to realize that she doesn’t have to compromise. I used to work in banking and I definitely did not have the same passion for that job. I’m glad she’ll see me doing work that I love.

What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you? 

Every evening after I’ve put my daughter to bed, I go to my rooftop and look at the stars and thank the universe for everything I have. A regular gratitude practice is what keeps me grounded, balanced and happy. It makes whatever problem or issue I’m experiencing at that moment seem minuscule and conquerable. 

How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer? 

Style is very important for me, especially since launching my new line. It takes a bit more time to get dressed now that I’m a mother, but when I do make the effort I feel so much better about myself and I find when I feel good, I’m usually more productive. I would describe my style as elegant and modern. I’m not one to succumb to trends because my philosophy is that my clothes, as well as most material possessions, should stay with me for a while. Timelessness is essential. These values are also present in the Teat & Cosset brand.

My favorite designer at the moment is MSGM.  It’s an Italian brand from Milan that makes beautiful clothing with a fun twist. I just bought a pair of wool flowy pants with some fringe on the sides. I think pairing their pieces with something more subdued creates a great look.

Favorite NYC Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food: 

I have always loved hotel bars. My favorite is the intimate plush bar at the Bowery Hotel. La Esquina is my favorite restaurant to catch up with friends because I love their tacos (and margaritas!) and the casual vibe.

Beyond Workout: 

I love classical ballet and I think it’s one of the best workouts to get back in shape after having a baby.

Beyond Shopping:

I love Edith Machinist on the Lower East Side. It’s the best vintage store in NYC. I’ve found some gems there.  

Experience Teat & Cosset this weekend at Giggle and Pottery Barn Kids!