Megan Hartman-Sparks

Megan Hartman-Sparks and her husband founded Lymph Candy in anticipation of their son’s arrival. The company offers non-toxic, vegan and aluminum free deodorants that contain only six ingredients. They didn’t want their snuggle sessions with their new baby to be tainted with synthetic chemicals. Megan shares with Beyond Mom how being a mother has taught her how to hustle as a businesswoman with tenacity!

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

What makes me a Beyond Mom is that as a businesswoman I find ways to hustle. Hustle in the sense of maximizing time to be the most efficient to keep our family and business running like a well oiled machine. I think I use the tenacity it takes to keep up with a two year and newborn and translate that into what it takes to make my business successful. All moms have tenacity and hustle so as businesswomen we have to double up.

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

Being a mom I have grown and expanded by my ability to empathize. As a mom now, I see the world in a whole new light. I have this focus of what it really takes to be so much to so many people. What is takes to keep people alive and contribute to my family in a variety of ways. I empathize with all the moms that are not heard or recognized for their hard work. Or who are patient when someone without kids gives their opinion on something kid related. The sacrifice is real. This translates largely into the customer service aspect of my business, I think, ‘how would I want someone to treat me, as a sleepless and over extended mother’.

Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?  

I love love love collaborations. Not only does it help the two women in business but it helps their customers find curated recommendations that save time, energy and money. A recent fun collaboration was with a fellow mompreneur who I only know through social media. She gave me 5 videos of content and I posted them, tagging her, shouting her out and sending people to check her out. It was beautiful, her content was a hit and she got exposure for 4 days straight driven from my followers. This collaboration worked because both women worked hard, were genuine and actually wanted to see the other person succeed. We collaborate often so can share more stories. 

What relationships help you stay connected to yourself?

The relationships with my children are constantly evolving so the need to reevaluate certain things daily, encourages me to stay connected to myself and my goals personally. In a way, motherhood calls for constant examination of motives, attitudes and “the why” which keeps me coming back to myself, in my new role as a mother.

Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? 

That would be that my deodorant business would fully fund my family’s entire well being without costing us our life. I want to continue to pursue my passions. It’s important that my business gives me a platform to help people from making healthier choices to postpartum care. I can also envision launching into the birth workers world, potentially becoming a doula or midwife.

What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you? 

The quickest way to ease my mind beyond lemon water and coffee is, cleaning. If I can straighten, organize, purge or clean something sparkly, I’m all set. It’s the instant gratification. Gets me every single time. I miss running and yoga but being a Beyond Mom with balance I would be too stressed fitting in leaving my family, children and business so I just work it in at home. At home I love to do a circuit with the weighted medicine ball. I’m also a firm believe in acupuncture, massage and chiropractic for a holistic approach to overall health.

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