Beyond Mom Interviews

Marissa Klein

Founder of Choice Fashion and Media Author of The Dream Big Academy


There is a common theme in Marissa Klein’s line of work- helping others go for the life they want. Through her staffing firm, Choice Fashion and Media and her children’s book series, The Dream Big Academy, Marissa is passionately teaching big and little ones to dream big. Find out more about her exciting career and how becoming a mother bootcamped her into learning how to “let it go”. 

1. What makes you a Beyond Mom?

My friends and family would say I am the type of woman and mother who uses every generous minute in a 24 hour day. I think of myself as just “me”. I have read so many profiles on your site and I feel so inspired by the other types of “Me’s” out there rocking and rolling in their lives. It’s truly amazing. Beyond Moms are going to start a revolution, I just know it. I am honored to be in great company. To answer your question, I am a Beyond Mom because I lead so many fulfilling lives within one. My career enhances my motherhood; my motherhood enhances my career; and the two combined created a children’s book series! For what it’s worth, I am proud to be an example of a true Beyond Mom math equation! 

2. What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

Other than the traditional answers- which are the most precious- I would say I finally have found both perspective and acceptance. Having children parts the clouds! I don’t have time to waste on silly or petty things anymore.  I spent my childhood and my 20’s somewhat rigid, square, and uneasy in my own skin. I was an old soul who followed the rules. I judged those who didn’t walk straight lines like I did. It took me 37 3/4 years (not afraid to admit it) and two daughters to take a deep breath, let go of judgement of others, and myself, and realize what is around me and my affect on my life and my life’s affect on me.  When things feel out of whack, I can return my focus to what really matters most. Looking at my daughter’s beautiful faces grounds me and reboots me. I recognize I can only do so much; I can only effectively change so much; and I can only handle so much. Idina/Elsa coined it for big and little, becoming a Mom bootcamped me into learning how to “Let it Go”.  

3. Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?

 I am so honored to help women every day. Young, peers, mentors- I speak to professionals seeking change day in and day out. I am proud of what I do. Most recently I was able to put someone in her dream job after years of working in a family business. With my coaching, she not only had the confidence to interview, but she was able to see her that skills were relevant – she had nothing to be vulnerable about and she jumped into the next stage of her life with my hand at her back! She has been in her new role over a month and she is reinvigorated. As we all know so well- professional happiness and being refreshingly challenged at work trickles down to home. I am humbled to have helped to enrich her life with a new and incredible position! (Not to mention, I love the discount at the brand that I scored as a reward!)  

choice fashion!

4. What relationships help you stay connected to yourself?

My family. My parents, my husband. And you know what? My dog. Thank goodness for her. She “takes it all away” sometimes with a few kisses and licks. In another life, she may have been a sponge! In addition, I have a strong need for constants – they help me to reboot in all of my chaos. Simple routines bring calm to constant frenetic energy- from my Starbucks ice coffee to having a glass of water next to my bed. The simple things in life keep me together.  

5. Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? If so, please share…

Yes!!!! I am currently self publishing the 2nd adventure in my children’s book series, The Dream Big Academy! It was always my childhood dream to write and now I have married my career (ten years running Choice Fashion and Media – a staffing firm) to my love for inspiring and connecting with little ones! Teaching big and littles to dream big and remind them that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to! I would love to share my WHY with you- the videos on my site are telling and enjoyable. Take a peek: Rosie wants to be a Fireman and Rosie wants to be a Dancer

 6. What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you?

Ha. The truth is I struggle every day to find balance. Every single day, I strive to get ten minutes where I feel afloat. It ain’t easy. And I lose the battle a lot! But, if I manage to get a few minutes with a coffee, a hot yoga class, my spin class, I feel like I am ahead. Sometimes it’s as simple as listening a great new song over and over again. It’s hard to believe that in some 24 hour days, I spend ten minutes on little old me! But I try to make them of good value! 

IMG_87607. How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer?

I think we live in a society that leaves us always wanting. It’s hard. Especially when money is not meant to be spent on “us” anymore. Ironically- my career and personal life have solidified my style personality. I have always loved fashion and style. I love vintage and I love being unique. I would describe myself as East Coast LA… Or Uptown Bohemian. When wearing a tunic and tons of bangles and great shoes, I feel like the best version of myself. Luckily, this style works for both my day job and my mom job. And of course, I love fun workout clothes- who doesn’t? Lifestyle apparel is the new throwback! 

Favorite NYC Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

I am a Hoboken mommy – hope that counts! We find ourselves in family friendly spots where we have our rose, our kiddos, and feel happy and welcomed. Hoboken is a lot of that- from pier 13 to the biergarten, we are well rounded! With food trucks, cocktails, ice pops, kids, bicycles, music, and of course laughs- there is everything here! If I cross over to my favorite city with my kids, I am a Highline girl. We did Mother’s Day on the Highline- it was a terrific day. 

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food:

Tequila. Rose. The Lobster Boat. – have you been? Its called the North River Lobster Company and it’s so fun. And while on it, you can get Tequila and Rose. Just saying. 

Beyond Workout: 

My first SoulCycle class was in March of 2007, so I am one of the originals who discovered that coveted bike! Due to life and logistics, I can’t go as much as I used to or would want to… but I try to find that “feeling” in everything I do outside of their doors!  The minute I hit the bike, I am able to connect to little old me. I have rediscovered that hot power flow yoga is my favorite!   Like Soul,  it allows me to disconnect from everything else and reconnect with me. (No phones, No email, No text, No social media, No kids, No nothing). In Hoboken, I covet Surya Yoga & Powerflow Yoga. And yes, I weight train in the gym, too. 

Beyond Shopping:

Well… I am a maxxinista because I have been in the fashion industry for far too long. But I scour Shop Bop, Revolve, and Saks all of the time. I still love a Bloomies run especially if I can get 40 Carrots. I love a store in Hoboken called Pepper & Parlor– she has the best taste and I want everything from head to toe. 

Beyond Inspiration:

I love successful dreamers, like Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler of SoulCycle! I love Shark Tank and people who go all in, dream big, and make it happen. I love when someone sets their mind to something and makes magic happen. In Hoboken, I think of my friend Jen DeMarco, who has three incredible barre studios in one square mile. She reinvigorated fitness for HOBOKEN – and she runs her business while also perfecting her skills as an amazing mom to three little ones under 5. Because in true Beyond Mom fashion-  if you want something amazing done, give it to a dynamic mother. 

*Marissa is still collecting orders for book two of her series! Email to  for information and to place your order!