Kelley Williams

Founder of Curasalve


Kelley Williams is the founder of Curasalve. In this interview we dive into her company, the mission and inspiration! Kelley tells us why becoming a Mom helped her to release limiting beliefs and live the life of her dreams. She also shares her favorite museums in her local city of Washington DC and the best clothing brand for staying comfortable and trendy while working!

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

I am a Beyond Mom because everyday I get the opportunity to empower other moms and caregivers to make conscious choices about their baby’s care products. I have a connector personality style, and I love to help people and solve problems.

Curasalve was developed to help caregivers soothe, treat and prevent diaper rash. We are an organic skincare company that cures diaper rash quickly without exposing your baby to toxins. It is so meaningful to start a business that helps people understand the benefits of using organic baby products and secondly cures a skin ailment. As a mom, I know children are near and dear to our hearts. My company was born out of love for my child and the desire to give her the most quality, efficient product.

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

After becoming a Mom, I decided to release limiting beliefs and live the life of my dreams. I have a 22 month old daughter, Giuliana, and she is smart, fiery and full of so much potential. I want her to have the confidence to boldly go after her dreams and the fortitude to stick with it.

I am the best example to show her where looking inward, hard work and a high frequency can take you. The desire to be that example caused me to level up.

Most of my adult life, I stayed at jobs that did not feel authentic. I relied on the comfort of a paycheck instead of identifying my personal values and passion. I decided to launch Curasalve after the hardships I faced with my daughter’s sensitive skin. I want to provide a quality diaper rash product other parents can rely on. Starting this business took a lot of pushing past limiting beliefs. I’m so glad I did the inner work to get to this point.

Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?

It is a joy to collaborate with other women. Every person I have worked with in developing Curasalve has been a woman. From my designer, to my social media strategist, life coach, photographer and videographers. They have all been uplifting and supportive in getting my business off the ground. I honestly want to continue this women-led streak!

What relationships help you stay connected to yourself?

My relationship with my own mother and my tribe of moms in the DC area. Becoming a Mom has made me realize how selfless and strong women truly are. I value the support and advice I receive from my mom tribe. There is no mistake or insecurity I can’t learn and bounce back from. It’s like “hey, I made this mistake too my first month as a mom and here is what I learned from it. I relate to you, I support you.” That level of support and transparency is priceless.

Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing?

Absolutely. Developing the Curasalve brand is my ultimate Beyond dream. For the first year of my daughter’s life I struggled with managing her sensitive skin. Giuliana was the baby that suffered from occasional diaper rash flare ups even with hourly diaper changes. I tried so many diaper creams on the market and they either burned her skin or did nothing to alleviate the rash. I started Curasalve so caregivers don’t have to go through the struggle of finding an organic product that actually works for their baby’s skin. Providing that level of support and comfort to families is priceless.

I also need the flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship. I like scheduling an hour and a half during my day to take my daughter to lunch and the park in the afternoon. I want that space to connect and be present in her life.

What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you?

The wellness activity that I cannot live without is prayer and meditation. I start every morning with a prayer and a breathing exercise. It is extremely helpful for me to clear out the noise and set my intentions for the day. This helps me manage my schedule as well as the emotions that come with starting a business and really putting yourself out there.

How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer?

Because I’m in the startup phase of business I am either on calls or in front of my laptop. I really like soft, comfortable clothes. I love Ivy Park’s apparel because they fit well, are comfortable and trendy. When clothes fit you well, they look good on you…. and when you look good, you feel good…even if you’re at the home office!

Favorite Local Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

I am based in Washington, DC and there are so many amazing venues and restaurants for a fun day out. I love visiting the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden in the summer. You can check out amazing artwork and then hit Jazz in the Park for cocktails and live music. My absolute favorite museum in DC is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. A well thought out and curated museum with the best food on the National Mall!

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food:

My taste fluctuates. I make a serious mango martini that I’ll take any day of the week. Cosmos are my go to on a night out on the town.

Beyond Workout:

HIIT. I made a personal goal two months ago losing 40 pounds and leading a healthy lifestyle. That not only involves working out but the way I eat and think about food. I’m already down 15 pounds and I contribute it to high intensity interval training. Nothing gets my heart rate up faster and it’s a fun and challenging workout. I’m a person that loves variety so I can attend a class or do Fitness Blender online and get optimum results!

Beyond Shopping:

Ha! I have no time to shop and if I do it’s definitely online. I am consistently on Amazon and Shopstyle to stay on trend and have my products fast.