Beyond Mom Interviews

Karen Haberberg



Karen Haberberg is a photographer who specializes in portraiture and documenting people’s stories. Her photographs have been exhibited in various New York City galleries and published in magazines and newspapers including New York Family Magazine, Fit Pregnancy, The Wall Street Journal, and Time Out New York. Karen just released a book titled, An Ordinary Day – Kids with Rare Conditions which is a documentation of the personal lives of 27 courageous kids who have rare genetic conditions and their families who love and support them at all cost. This book was a labor of love with the proceeds going to genetic research. Karen shares with Beyond Mom why she created this book and the profound empathy and love that motherhood has given her.

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

I am a mother first and foremost but like many moms, I multitask A LOT. I am a photographer who specializes in portraiture and documenting people’s stories. In October, I just released a book published by powerhouse titled, An Ordinary Day – Kids with Rare Conditions. 

I had a brother who died of a rare disease before I was born and is the inspiration for this book. An Ordinary Day is a documentation of the personal lives of 27 courageous kids who have rare genetic conditions and their families who love and support them at all cost. 1 in 10 Americans are living with a rare genetic condition. This book sheds an important light on these existences. The every day moments captured in An Ordinary Day hope to inspire awareness and empathy, while highlighting the commonalities between families with rare genetic conditions, and more deeply between us all. 

This book was a labor of love with the proceeds going to genetic research. Please consider spreading the word or purchasing the book on or visit for more information. Try your luck. Fill out the contact form on my website with your email and mention the book and you will have a chance to win a copy.

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

Being a mother has changed me in so many different ways. Raising children has given me a profound capacity for empathy, love, concern and selflessness. I am a stronger and better person because I am a mother.

Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?  

It’s funny because I feel like I very often am collaborating with women. The idea for my book came out of a conversation with my friend. My closest friends are mostly creative women so we are often running ideas by each other. They give feedback on my work and vice versa. New creative ideas and business propositions are often being thrown around. It’s like having a mini think tank. Both my upcoming projects arose from a conversation with my dearest female friends.

What relationships help you stay connected to yourself?

My friends and family are great outlets for me. They remind me to do the things that make me feel good. Exercise, go out and have fun, work, play. We laugh a lot — which always helps! It also helps to have my mother in my corner. She is an incredible force. My husband and kids are my rock. Just their presence reminds me of what is most important in my life and I want them to be proud.

Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? If so, please share…

I am an advocate for people being able to share their personal stories. My next photography book project will be on Adoption. Photographs and stories of people with their birth family and adopted family. I am currently looking for interested participants and sponsorship.

I am also working with an Emmy Award Winning Production team to raise money to produce a documentary on kids with rare genetic conditions.

What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you?

This might sounds silly but I try to get ample sleep. If I am rested I feel I can conquer whatever the day brings. Eating right and exercise help too!

How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer?

I feel good when I like what I am wearing. That being said, I am a fan of casual clothes, or nice clothes that are on sale. No matter what I am wearing, the material needs to be soft and comfortable. My favorite jeans are AG and I often shop at the Rag and Bone outlet in the Northfork.

 Favorite Local Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

I would say the closest coffee shops to my house are always a great meeting and working place. I love the chai latte at Telegraphe café – it’s the best in the city! I like the coffee at O’café when I take it to go; Fika is good if you want space to spread out your laptop or book.

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food:

Smoothies from Liquiteria are delicious. I love sharing them with the kids. Sometimes I buy a large one on the way to pick them up at school and we all suck it down together. They love the strawberry banana. 

Beyond Workout:

I love boxing at Rumble, playing Tennis at Midtown Tennis, and Pilates classes at Pilates on the Square. I usually have a friend with me which makes it that much more fun. It’s much harder to motivate without them.

On the weekends, some of my best moments are on the beach with my family. Collecting shells and watching their joy when a dead organism washes up on the beach is highly entertaining. 

I am also always up for a game of can jam. It requires a Frisbee and four people but even my 6 year old can play. It’s perfect for a family of four.