Beyond Mom Interviews

Heidi Kristoffer

Yoga Instructor, Creator of CrossFlowX


Let’s kick off the new year with Heidi Kristoffer, an inspiring Beyond Mom to twin daughters. As a highly sought out yoga instructor, Heidi’s teachings come straight from her heart and her personal practice. She is the creator of CrossFlowX at The Movement in NYC.  In her classes, expect to breathe, laugh and sweat! Heidi has found a balance as she follows all of her passions. In this interview Heidi reminds us why having a strong support system is vital when you’re growing your family and professional life. 

1. What makes you a Beyond Mom?

I love my two babies dearly, but I understand that in order (for me) to be the best mom I can possibly be, I need to continue to follow ALL of my passions – in and outside of my family.  This allows me to feel like myself, as a whole, complete woman, who can be fully present with my daughters when the time to focus on them is at hand.  I also hope that someday, me continuing to follow my passions, will encourage both of my daughters to pursue their dreams, and follow their own passions no matter what life throws at them.  I have always striven to have a happy, balanced life, sharing my love of yoga and healthy eating with as many people as I can.  Now, I have the chance to lead by example that it is possible to maintain a happy, healthy life as a mom.  I am continuing to grow my CrossFlowX class, and now starting a video series to share this method with more than just NYC – it’s very exciting.

2. What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a Mom?

Well, my girls are just three months old, so it hasn’t been that long, but I would say mostly my capacity for love.  I had no idea I could love someone (much less two someones!) as much as I love my daughters.  There are no words to describe my feelings for them – it is so huge, and so deep.  I also would say that my patience has grown.  I was never a patient person, but with babies, you have to have deep wells of patience, and endless amounts of calm – yoga definitely helps here, but the babies brought it out of me in a way nothing else could.  Lastly, my ability to be kind not just to others, but to myself has grown.  I am used to my body being a very different shape and feel, and I was always pretty unforgiving when it came to myself and my body, but since it grew and nourished my daughters, and brought them to life, I have been much more kind to my body and myself.  This kindness extends to everyone I come into contact with – we are all miracles, and should be treated as such.


3. Can you share a collaboration/success story with another woman; what helped the collaboration become successful?  

I have the amazing opportunity to work with many women at The Movement – both the women who run the studio, and the women who teach my class.  I am a huge believer in building up other women, and supporting one another, so I love that my team is full of them. We support each other, learn from each other, and are inspired by each other on a daily basis – without this positive base, nothing would thrive.

4. What relationships help you stay connected to yourself? 

All of them! Staying social with my friends who inspire me is so, so important.  I think the easiest thing with new babies is to hole up at home and just be with them in the mom role, but, I find that getting out and surrounding myself with people who I love brings me back to my babies refreshed and ready to love them that much more.  I also have a pretty open door policy in terms of inviting my friends over for the girls’ feedings so that while I am with them, I can be around my friends at the same time – it’s great, and keeps me feeling human (and bonus: gets the girls used to being around lots of other people).


5. Do you have a ‘Beyond’ dream that you are pursuing? If so, please share… 

CrossFlowX was my baby before I had these two angel babies! Getting CrossFlowX to the masses via videos, internet, and more and more people teaching the class, whilst still maintaining the integrity of it is for sure a dream of mine.  I would love to be able to shoot class videos from a home studio every day, and upload them so that more people could enjoy this amazing method of combining yoga with cardio that makes me (and so many others) feel so, so awesome.

6. What wellness activity can you not live without? What is one thing you do daily that balances you? 

Yoga for SURE.  I need to be able to practice – whether it is CrossFlowX in a class setting, at home practice, or at a studio with one of my favorite teachers, getting on a mat always helps me connect back to me, and find balance.JAY_SULLIVAN_PHOTOGRAPHER-9507

7. How does style influence the way you stay feeling ‘Beyond’? Who is currently your favorite designer? 

I am all about brands that give back, and one of my current faves is Be Love apparel.  They have gorgeous flow-y tanks and tops with beautiful messages that I can wear on and off the mat.  They donate $5 of every shirt sold to Alexandria House  (a transitional home for homeless women & children coming from domestic violence experiences).  Giving back is super important to me – it is the reason that I teamed up with The Movement – we donate $1 per person per class back to Brain Cancer research – a cause very near and dear to my heart. Whenever possible, I choose brands that give back.

Favorite NYC Spots that Embody The Beyond Mom:

Beyond Cocktails and/or Food: 

I am not a big drinker, but when I do, my drink of choice is ice wine – it comes from the Niagara region, and it is like drinking honey… yum!!!!  Any specialty wine bar that has that is great by me.  For food, I am vegan, so if I am looking to goto a nice-ish restaurant, it would be Pala or V-Note.  Unfortunately, the vegan places with the best food don’t always have the best ambiance, so often times my husband and I go to hole-in-the wall type places to get the really yummy food.  Pala and V-Note have the rare combo of great vegan food and a nice ambiance.

Beyond Workout:

CrossFlowX at the Movement and SoulCycle with Laurie Cole are my two favorite workouts, hands down.  I leave both feeling super energized, happy, and ready to take on anything life throws at me.

Beyond Shopping:

Haha – most of my dollars go to Whole Foods.  I love creating new delicious and nutritious vegan recipes, and now, I have the added challenge of recipes that can be quick, and that won’t wake up my babies while I make them!  I shop at organic markets and farmers markets as well if I have the time.