Expert Series

Heidi Frederick and Rachel Lang

Founders of Facelove Fitness


What is the healing power of touch and how have Rachel Lang and Heidi Frederick used it to develop their exclusive technique at Facelove Fitness? A seemingly simple construct, touch gets overlooked in a world where beauty is focused on topical potions, complicated routines, and intrusive techniques. Moms, entrepreneurs and beauty and wellness experts, Rachel and Heidi felt it was time to change that. This dynamic duo created FaceLove Fitness, a holistic beauty meets wellness experience rooted in the healing power of touch. Their unique mix of facial massage, exercise and acupressure stimulates circulation, releases inflammation and leaves you feeling centered, rejuvenated and glowing. In this interview, Rachel and Heidi dive into what Facelove can exactly do for you and why it’s important to give your face a workout! For more fabulous wellness connections and ideas download our Beyond Mom Wellness Guidebook for free.

How did you come up with the idea of Facelove Fitness? 

(Rachel)– I became a facialist after getting my first facial before my wedding in 1993 and it was the power of touch that made it memorable and changed the way I felt. I wanted to do that for others. I started my practice knowing that my personal ‘touch blueprint’ was going to be my point of difference. However, it was at a time when day spas were just emerging and facials were becoming trendy again but I was building my client base in a hair salon that had converted to a day spa and the clients were fearful of breaking out or being sensitive to a facial. So I created the ‘water facial’ which did not use any products but was just water, my hands and the client’s skin. It was unheard of but my clients started booking and I started to see amazing results such as the skin was performing better (better absorption and elimination) almost desensitizing, minimizing lines due to increased circulation a key benefit of touch, and healthy brighter radiant glow on the skin. It was my first big aha into the power of massage, muscles and the relationship to skin. I was able to deliver a stress relieving feeling and emotion while nourishing the skin cells through the body’s own mechanics not just topical product delivery and application.

This was my inspiration for continuing to study face massage techniques such as acupressure, head massage and thai massage. This eventually led to coming up with the FaceLove proprietary muscle toning lifting massage techniques as well as combining it with 3,000 year old face exercises from Asia to support the long term strength and results of face toning.  

(Heidi) I was inspired to go into massage after growing up with a Japanese step mom who always taught me about face exercise and massage as a self care beauty routine. After massage school I worked with Violinists in the Houston Symphony and dancers with the Houston Ballet really understanding face, neck and head and what it is like to really work with fit sculpted muscles. It has always been a passion and so it was a natural decision and fit to work with Rachel and create FaceLove when we met in 2012.

How did you work together as two Beyond Moms launching this business?

FaceLove really would be much further along if we were not so conscientious of carving out time to be moms. Our kids were just over 15 months old when we met on the playground in Stuyvesant town and Rachel was 7 months pregnant with her 2nd baby. So we launched FaceLove with 2 toddlers and 1 newborn.

We quickly divided our tasks into creative (Rachel) and operations (Heidi). We worked on establishing partnership details such as how to be clear about each other’s strengths so that we can maximize the time starved schedules. We did a lot of combined family dinners and playdates so that we could work on the business at the same time.

Why is it important to have an exercise routine for your face?

Muscle has memory and can hold on to accumulative strength which is why the body can show sculpted definition and fit physique. The same is true with muscle anatomy of the face. If done routinely like exercise long term results can be achieved such as increased bone density and muscle mass which prevents and diminishes sagging of skin, collagen production resulting in more skin flexibility and resistance to negative effects of sun damage, sugar and inflammation.

What can one expect out of a face workout?

Our FaceLove signature service incorporates a warm up ritual getting the muscles ready for strength training, releasing stress and tension to increase circulation to front of face and corresponding muscles, followed by interactive face exercise routine can incorporate all zones of face or be tailored to affect personal concerns the client has expressed such as chin toning, smoothing around the eyes or forehead. The experience is finished with a cool down to calm the muscles after toning exercises and includes soothing pressure points and chilled jade roller.  

What are the benefits of a massage on the skin?

The benefits of massage are as follows:

1. increases circulation nourishing the skin with fresh oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin and softens lines.

2. research now shows that collagen production is increased improving overall elasticity and bounce back

3. releases tension in muscles allowing face to look more relaxed and symmetrical 

4. detoxifies the skin promoting the skin’s elimination function resulting in a brighter clearer complexion

5. boosts immune system

6. releases high amounts of endorphins (pain blockers and pleasure chemicals) boosting mood, diminishing stress which brings the old saying ‘if you feel better you look better’ to fruition. 43 face muscles are directly connected to emotion so it is really profound result on the face.

7. strengthens integrity of skin and it’s metabolism which is preventative maintenance for aging encouraging new healthy cells to surface.

8. muscle has memory so lifting muscle toning massage technique can have firming effect on the face

How does stress and modern day lifestyle affect our skin?

Stress is one of the leading causes of inflammation or what we refer to as ‘toxic heat’ in the body. This inflammation is what leads to aging by breaking down the skin system, dehydrates at a cellular level and causes actual ‘dis-ease’ in the body.  

Stress produces stress chemicals such as adrenalin or cortisol which make the skin cells rigid and less able to fight environmental aggression or stress as well as kills skin and brain cells.

Stress also slows down cellular metabolism so that the surface of the skin looks dull, patchy or textured or can cause breakout by keeping damaged cells at the surface.

What is one face routine women can practice at home daily?

Self massage while applying cleanser or moisturizer with medium pressure will increase circulation, amplify the effects of the products and create a radiant glow while softening lines. Blood follows hands which plumps the areas with fine lines.

What self care tools have helped you manage the many parts of your lives?

Breath is closely linked to beauty wellness. When you take the time to breathe diaphragmatically or in full complete breaths the whole body gets more oxygen and more toxins are released while also activating the immune system…virtually getting rid of stress and toxins.  It will have a beautiful healthy result on the face.

Where can we find and experience you?

We are currently located at One 5th Ave and we will be opening our new pop up shop with Ten over Ten on Fulton St March 1st. Stay tuned for more locations in 2017!