Expert Series

Christina Justiz Roush

Artist & Creativity Consultant


Inviting in our creative side can be incredibly beneficial to our personal and professional lives. As entrepreneurs, mothers and humans we might find ourselves more grounded and inspired when we are working from our creative energy. We asked Christina Justiz Roush to offer tips on getting connected to your unique creativity- one that truly expresses you. Christina is an artist who actively creates and explores through various avenues. Many of her visual art pieces have focused on the feminine spirit. She makes custom pregnancy sculptures, serving families in NYC, LA and The Bay Area. She also hosts creativity workshops and has a weekly video newsletter where she covers topics ranging from motherhood to art and astrology. This Beyond Mom has recently relocated to California from Brooklyn and is continuing her artistic path.

How can we get in touch with our creativity and inner artist? How do we find time to access her?

In the way that beavers are hardwired to build dams, we are hardwired to be creative. It is really that simple. I would say to someone who wants to create more space for their creativity, the best way is to start noticing all the ways in which you already are creative. The clothes you choose to put on in the morning, the way you format your emails, the background on your phone, the picture you captured of your children cuddling with the early morning sun coming through your window – all are examples of your creative self. You are already being creative in a myriad of ways all the time. Notice them, and in the act of noticing them you will find more opportunities to be consciously creative in your life. 

Are there any specific inspirations you recommend when building your creative space? (music, lighting, flowers etc?)

The simple answer is, fill it with things that you LOVE. The problem is that people have often lost touch with what they really like and what adds meaning.

For example- she knows that fiddle leaf fig plants are trendy. And she has this little windowed corner in the living room where it can go. And so there it is, put in that corner, with a pretty white pot. It’s beautiful and it is a nice aesthetic. But if she tuned into her true self, she would actually prefer a small herb garden next to that window instead, because picking fresh herbs at dinner time reminds her of summers at her grandma’s country house growing up. And that memory, that act, that herb garden corner brings her such deep joy.

Do you see what I mean? Both are beautiful. And maybe the fiddle leaf fig plant is the more chic option. But its about taking the space you have, physically and emotionally, and filling it with the things that deepen your joy the most. 

Books like The Artist’s Way, or The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up can start to get you in touch with your true self and your aesthetic so that you can begin to fill your life with ONLY those things. 

What inspires your work the most?

I am most inspired by the ways in which people tune into their own genius and share it with the world.  It’s an excitement that happens when you are in the flow of creativity and is what makes me want to explore my own creativity the most.

Are there habits or routines that Beyond Moms can use to welcome creativity into their lives?

Welcoming creativity is such a beautiful way to phrase this. It’s very much the truth. Making room for beauty, creativity and joy in your life is a gentle thing. I would say, focus on making beautiful spaces in your home and environment with the intention of welcoming even more beauty in. Light a candle. Frame that piece of art or special photograph. Making the intention will create the space.

Any advice to combat self-doubt and criticism? 

Well, unfortunately it will always be there!  And self doubt and criticism are manifestations of fear. But to quote Elizabeth Gilbert, “Fear is boring.” Gently, lovingly, slowly, make small choices daily in spite of the fear. You will build muscle. You will take bigger risks. But the fear will be there. Say hello and keep moving forward! 

What do you say to the woman who says she is creatively crippled? 

I would say congratulations! The people who recognize that are usually the most brimming with creative possibilities and need the smallest push to break free into a total creative renaissance! I’m very serious. I see this repeatedly in the creative clusters I host. 

What myths do you want to debunk about being an artist?

That it’s unique to a few. It isn’t. It’s glorious and amazing and fulfilling and life affirming and special.  But not unique. We are all artists. 

For more on Christina and her work:

“At my most inspired, I see the world as a series of archetypal stories, expressed through varying stages from the deeply personal to the expressly universal. When I allow myself to explore the mythical pull of my imagination, I am able to tap into the narratives that are embedded into our collective understanding of our place in the world. Despite the somewhat fantastical nature of my work, the mythologies explored are grounded in very human dynamics and struggles”. – Christina 

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