Beyond Mom Interviews

Candice Baehr

Founder of Dashing in the City


Candice Baehr was born and raised in Paris where she studied economics at the Sorbonne University. After an international career with United Technologies Corporation that brought her from France to the US, Candice launched her company in 2017. Dashing in the city curates and delivers premium gifts that are beautifully wrapped and accompanied by a handwritten card. Candice started her company when she saw the need to help the people in her life who routinely struggled to pick a gift for their loved ones…and get it done in time! Read more about this unique mama and entrepreneur- Candice shares her journey plus her secret fashion tool!

“Embracing that change in identity has been a crucial part of living motherhood positively and perhaps being a Beyond Mom.”– Candice

What makes you a Beyond Mom?

Striking a balance between former and new roles as a mother is certainly a challenge for any woman. Some roles are abandoned, like the one of the spontaneous friend always up for a last-minute activity, while others are embraced, like being a resource for other young moms and moms-to-be around me. Embracing that change in identity has been a crucial part of living motherhood positively and perhaps being a Beyond Mom.

What are the parts of you that have grown and expanded since becoming a mom?

The limits of efficiency can always be pushed back. As a mother I have uncovered new ways to get it all done. I’ve also developed tolerance towards some imperfection, whether it is for myself, my family, or the people I work with.

Do you have a Beyond dream that you are pursuing?

My dream is to reach a point personally and professionally where I can travel and work just as effectively out of New York City as out of any other place in the world, especially France and California where all my family resides.

What relationships and activities help you stay connected to yourself?

Deepening relationships with my family and my husband’s family has been key to my well-being. Also, proactively meeting local moms I can spend time and reach out too has proven an amazing source of support and a bedrock for my personal sanity.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?

“Today is the youngest we will ever be again.”

This is a spin on a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. It reminds me to take full advantage of everyday I live, and to appreciate all the good things I already have in my life.

What causes and topics are you most passionate about right now?

Of course, these days I am passionate about anything baby-related, but I also deeply care about the elderly in my community. I have been an active supporter of Dorot, an organization that helps keep seniors out of isolation by connecting them to locals who visit, assist, and often befriend them.

How do you think we can change our culture from one in which a woman is expected to be a “perfect mother” to one in which she is encouraged to discover and explore her evolving self?

To me, the most effective way to do this is to practice tolerance and understanding on an everyday basis whether it is within your family, group of friends, or throughout social media. There are so many ways to do things right, we can’t judge nor prejudge the ways of others around us.

Favorite go-to’s for:

Beyond Food (what do you cook & where do you go locally?)

I love to cook, especially meals that take me no more than 15-20 minutes to get on the table. My family enjoys baked salmon, pan-seared cod or scallops, and fresh veggies. I rely on FoodKick which has a large choice of local and organic produce to save time with grocery shopping. When we don’t cook we love to order from our favorite sushi place, Sushi Yasaka.

Beyond Content (Books & Podcasts)

While I am generally more interested in biographies, I am currently enjoying a book of fiction by Nobel Prize in Literature, Patrick Modiano, which has allowed me to virtually extend my last stay in my hometown of Paris.

Beyond Style

I will share a little secret: I’m a devote user of Rent The Runway. I enrolled in their unlimited program during my pregnancy and have not stopped using them since. Their service lets you experiment with fashion and try pieces you probably wouldn’t choose to invest in. I enjoy the regular compliments on my outfits.

Beyond Workout

Pure Yoga for their baby-and-me classes, the Prenatal Yoga Center for their postnatal classes, and KidPass for activities with my munchkin.