Getting Away? Beyond Moms Pack Light and Stylish with HEUCY


The idea of travel can elicit many types of feelings, sometimes at the same time:

Glee – You’re excited to leave work, “daily life” and responsibilities behind to recharge!

Stress – Plane/train/automobile travel doesn’t usually elicit smiles (especially if it involves unpredictable little ones)

Confusion – What to pack?!

We can’t promise your office won’t contact you at least five times even though you have an “out of office” note on your e-mail and voice mail.  We also can’t guarantee that your toddler won’t cry on the plane, or spill milk and cheddar bunnies all over the seat so it creates a mashed-up goo.

However, we can offer you some really useful packing tips. HEUCY is a brand made for the dynamic woman on the go – and the thoughtfulness we put into each and every design applies to travel needs, as well.  I’ve always prided myself on being one of the most efficient packers on the planet. Here are some words to travel by:

Pack black or dark. Blue, gray and indigo are really versatile colors that go with basically anything.  And…spills don’t really show up on black.

Leave your iron at home. Choose clothing that is easy to fold, and doesn’t wrinkle much.  HEUCY’s dresses and jumpsuits are made of sustainable jersey fabric that can fight a wrinkle…and it’s so comfortable, you can endure a long flight without feeling rumpled. You’ll feel like you’re wearing pj’s, but you’ll look like a classy lady.

HEUCY has a variety of options on our website and if you’re reading this, you can receive a 20% discount off your purchase with the code BEYONDMOM, now through April 24th.

HEUCY Problem Solver

Take one of each of these things (Remember: you may want to save room for fun purchases on your trip):

A scarf that is large enough to wear around your shoulders, and versatile enough to substitute as a top if you want. We love vintage Hermes because it’s classic, will never go out of style and you can find some really gorgeous options on eBay and vintage resale shops like Try cashmere or other sustainable fabrics too!

A shoulder bag like this version by Wilbur & Gussie. (The D.O.C. is a fan, too).


A pair of shoes that transitions seamlessly from day to night.  We love these by Atelje 71.  They’re birkenstocks…but so chic you could wear them to a nightclub if you want.

atelje 71 sandal

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.  This stuff doubles as lip balm, ointment for scrapes and burns and it smells ridiculously good!

Post your favorite travel photos with hashtag #heucygal and enter to win a free HEUCY dress for your next BeyondMom vacation! Follow HEUCY on Facebook and @heucydotcom on Instagram and Twitter for exciting news and exclusive discounts!

Bon Voyage!