Get Your Technology Working for You


As women and mothers we all have extensive to-do lists. A lot of which only enables us to maintain the status quo, rather than make progress.  Technology can be overwhelming but if we use it efficiently, it can reduce stress and free up mental and digital space to focus on what is important in our lives. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for Beyond Moms to get your technology working for you.

Stop the emails

Cull your junk email with Enter your email address and it scans your mailbox. It will ask you if you want to keep your subscriptions, create a summary or unsubscribe. I got rid of 43 subscriptions instantly!


You do not need 30 photos of your child at the park. You took those last weekend, and the one before that. My childhood album is precious because photographs themselves were rare and precious. We are not going back to film but that doesn’t stop you asking yourself ‘would I take this picture if I was using film?’


Create a family calendar so your’e not emailing each other events and bickering over scheduling clashes.

Go to File>New Calendar, call it Family and pick a color. Share it with your significant other and you can both use it to add kids classes, party’s, appointments and anything else that is a shared responsibility!

Back Up (Not sexy but essential!)

You don’t want to lose those precious memories, so synchronize your phone and computer with the cloud. Also get an external hard drive and use Time Machine to backup. The rule is to store data in 3 places.

Out of sight

Turn your junk drawer into a ‘Device drawer’. My children love putting my devices away. The world does not stop turning and if people really want me, they call, so I just leave my ringer on. And remember, ‘monkey see, monkey do’. If you’re permanently attached to a device is there any wonder your little monkey wants it too?


Try not use your phone as your alarm – studies show that you turn to the most important thing in your life when you wake up. Make it a human! Instead, use it as an alarm to GO to bed. There is a lovely feature called Bedtime. The sounds are gentle and a nice reminder to stop surfing and get some sleep!


The blue light emitted from devices fools our brain into thinking it’s still daytime. This interferes with our circadian rhythm and keeps us awake. And we don’t need anything else interfering with our precious sleep! Go to Settings, Brightness and select ‘Nightshift’. Your screen color is automatically adjusted from cool to warm.

Written by Tech Tonic founder Jayne Beilby. Get in touch with Tech Tonic if you have any questions! Initial consultations are always complimentary.  Check out their blog too for more tips and tricks!