An Evening With Randi Zinn: A Book Signing at Rough Draft in the Hudson Valley

August 28, 2018

How do we embrace our womanhood in a way that is both productive and purposeful and yet full of self-compassion and space for oneself? Randi Zinn discusses this along with tips and tools for navigating your own journey toward feeling empowered and inspired instead of depleted and deflated. Come by ROUGH DRAFT BAR & BOOKS on Wednesday, August 29th from 7 – 9pm (talk at 7:15) to meet RANDI and hear her inspiring message!

Do you struggle to find inner peace during such a fast paced time of your life? Do you have an idea that comes from the core of who you are but not a clue how to make it a reality? This book will not only validate these kinds of questions but will provide real life tools that are tangible and manageable for any woman re-establishing her identity after having a baby. Randi has spent years interviewing, networking, and collaborating with Beyond Moms of every type – this book takes all that knowledge and gives it, with love to her readers.


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