EMBODY Wellness Company’s Holiday Survival Guide: Top Ten Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays


The Holidays have officially arrived and so have the continuous gatherings and parties! It’s an ideal time to let go, relax and indulge a little more than usual. However, we have all found ourselves sitting with food and drink hangovers regretting all the overindulging. Have no fear. Embody Wellness Company has put together a Holiday Survival guide so you can navigate staying healthy while enjoying yourself. Follow these tips for a guilt-free holiday season!

Picture Your Plate

Divide your plate into ¼ s. Fill ½ of the plate with vegetables: salad, brussels sprouts, green beans, squash, etc. Fill ¼ of your plate with protein: turkey, fish, chicken, grass fed beef, nuts/seeds, etc. Fill ¼ of your plate with more veggies or complex carbs: sweet potato, whole grains (quinoa, farro, buckwheat, kamut, wheat berries, etc.).  

Pick Your Poison (and Mind Your Portion!)

Not all drinks are created equal. Many specialty cocktails and holiday beverages are loaded with sugars and extra calories above what the alcohol already provides. Stick to the basics: wine, beer, vodka with seltzer water and a squeeze of (detoxing) lemon. Make it festive by garnishing with whole cranberries or a twist of orange peel. Or use a LuliTonix blend or other fresh pressed juice as a mixer and get the benefits of added nutrients while you sip! Another favorite is good tequila with fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of seltzer. Be on the lookout for oversized glasses and heavy pours as well. A serving of wine is 4oz, that’s just ½ a cup!

Indulge In The Good Stuff – Just Enough

What is your favorite holiday treat? Is it mashed potatoes? Stuffing? Egg nog? Pecan pie? Think about what you look forward to the most during the holiday season and indulge in that. Have a few bites and really enjoy them. Eat your treat slowly, appreciating whatever it is you love about it: creaminess, sweetness, comfort, memories.

Always Have A Drink (Or Clutch) In Hand

If one hand is occupied with a drink or a bag, then it makes it harder to give in to all the temptations of a cocktail party. You are limited to what you can eat with your one free hand. The drink or clutch can also serve as your reminder to ask yourself: Do you really need that fried dumpling? How will you feel in an hour or two (or tomorrow) if you have another wedge of cheese? Take that moment to enjoy your conversation instead and see how you feel the next time the waiter passes you by with the tray!

Never Arrive Hungry

Arriving hungry to a party filled with more naughty options than nice is your ticket to guilt-city. If you are famished you will give in to whatever crosses your path first, overeating before you even realize the damage you have done. Have a small but satisfying snack prior to departing. Take the first ten minutes after you arrive to say hello to everyone and send holiday cheer rather than rushing to the chips and dip. Nuts and fruit, greek yogurt with berries, a banana with almond butter, a hard boiled egg with avocado, turkey roll ups, hummus and carrots are all good options!

Be A Good Guest

Every host loves a guest who helps out! Offer to bring something to the party and then make or buy a healthy option that you enjoy. When you yearn for seconds, go back for the dish you brought, feeling good about the choices you’ve made!

Stay Hydrated

Alcohol and salt are two staples of every holiday season. Avoid dry, flaky skin and a bloated belly by making sure you drink enough H2O. We like to alternate cocktails with water and make sure we have a pitcher and a full glass of water with us at the table. Add a lemon to your water for extra detoxing.

Wear Something That Fits

It is the holidays! Feel good in what you are wearing and make sure it fits you well! Your bulky sweater and leggings, though comfy, can stay at home! If your pants or skirt fit you snugly around your waist, you’ll not only feel sexy, but you’ll get a reminder to slow down or stop when you’re satisfied, but before you burst!

Gather All The Information

Take a lap around the room before your first bite. Ask the host or waiter what the options are for the evening: the hors d’oeuvres and the main meal. Once you know the lay of the holiday indulgent land, you can pick your treat (#4) and balance it out with the healthier options that fit your goals.

Enjoy Yourself!

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy, cheer, love, family and friends. Yet, somehow they are often stressful. Torn between family obligations, too many nights out, the pressure of hosting at your own home, inevitable drama. Take a time out from the tumult. Remember what this time of year is all about. Breath deeply, give big hugs and have a good time. Enjoy yourself, laugh out loud and dance a lot (why not – it burns calories!)!


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