Beyond Mom Interviews with Choice Fashion & Media for Friday Finds!


Our founder Randi Zinn was recently interviewed and featured on Choice Fashion & Media Friday Finds. Choice Fashion & Media is a staffing firm founded by Beyond Mom Marissa Klein (read our interview with Marissa!). They strive to empower others to dream big and go after a fulfilling career. The Friday Finds section inspires their audience by celebrating and highlighting successful entrepreneurs. Check out the interview below and the original piece right here!

1) Where did the concept of Beyond Mom come from?

Beyond Mom is a blend of the many parts of me- yogi, business woman, speaker, writer, and of course…mom. I’ve always loved working with women and wanted to give back to the world- I saw a need in the Mom community for a place where women who are building businesses and a family could be honored, supported, a connected with one another. So I went ahead and created it.

 2) How do you provide moms with unique and fun ways to socialize and enhance wellness in their lives? 

Beyond Mom hosts live events every month, some are gorgeous networking events, some are athletic workouts. All of our events have a connection component though. I always include the time and space for the women in the room to swap stories and business cards. I believe that wellness comes from moving your body and your soul- so whether you’re sipping a glass of wine or lifting weights, if you’re doing it with other Beyond Moms, you’re developing very key parts of yourself and expanding your community.

3) What has been Beyond Mom’s biggest “Dream Big” moment thus far? 

My “Dream Big” moments come in big and small packages. Big ones include recent Beyond Mom events hosted by major brands with over 50 excited women in attendance. Small ones are coffee dates with women who have a dream but don’t know where to begin and seek me out for information and encouragement. I’m honored to serve the women in this city.

4) What are your future goals for Beyond Mom?

I’m dreaming big right now by creating bigger and better content- soon we’re releasing Beyond Mom podcasts (listen and subscribe!) and I’ve been writing my first book. I just know that taking all of the things I’ve learned through my own journey and the women who I interact with every day will make a huge impact.

5)  What advice would you give to people who strive to “dream big”?

As a busy mom, there’s a million reasons why not. But what if the biggest reason to pursue your passion is that you become a more dynamic person? This is the best reason in the world to move forward because not only will you be a model for happiness and creativity for your family, but you can make a positive mark on the world.