The ‘Art of Doing Nothing’: A rejuvenating practice for the New Year 


One thing that I love about the New Year is the optimistic mindset of new opportunities that have us feeling good about the future. It’s a great time to let go of all the BS that stood in your way last year. No better time than now to make radical changes. But the truth is that Beyond Moms run around like crazy! Sometimes I bet you don’t even have time to think. Many of us have this reoccurring feeling that time is not on our side. I used to feel like this 24/7 until I woke up and focused on shifting my outlook.

Do you have big moves you want to make in 2018? Or do you lack the clarity on what you truly want? Are you worried that your creativity is blocked? Good news: there are things you can do to open up your mind and heart. Of course meditation is fantastic for centering and offering a sense of peace, but some have an aversion to “sitting meditation.” If this is you, than I have some things you can “do” that will ultimately help you listen to yourself, slow down, and access the depths of your creativity.

 The Art of Doing Nothing:

Doing nothing can sometimes be found in mindless activities. We are moving, but our mind doesn’t have to do much work. Swimming allows me to clear my mind. I find I have all kinds of insights when I climb out of the pool! For others it’s walking the dog, mopping the floor, whatever…all these mindless activities allow the brain to mellow and can offer up insights if you are open to them. Here are some tips around the art of doing nothing:

Give yourself the gift of time….to do NOTHING.

Whatever ‘nothing ‘means to you. It could be lounging, walking, movement of some sort, solitude away from family or friends, or a solo day trip away from the house to do “nothing”. This means that you are “being” without much attachment to what you need to accomplish. It’s also a time to withhold from technology. Make it a point.

Stare at the ceiling.

If you don’t want to formally meditate, try my friend’s trick. She just tells everyone she needs a moment and lays down to stare at the ceiling for a few minutes. I thought that was a great idea as an alternative to formal meditation. Just don’t fall asleep.

Get creative.

Create something that offers you a little escape and doesn’t take much thought. Some people love knitting, painting, or drawing for this reason. My grandmother taught me how to embroider and I still do. Even though there is motion taking place, I consider it under the art of doing nothing because I’m not running around, planning or engaging with others. What can you create that can offer you a window into your vast intuitive imagination?

Go to nature and just be.

Enough said. Beach lover? Tree hugger? Go to where you feel inspired and moved. There is something to be said for the simple life. I will never forget my high school best friend reflecting on life and sharing that her favorite job was the high school job she had at our local private beach in Long Island: minimal responsibilities and getting paid to hang at the beach all day. I have fond memories of lazy summer days riding my bike down long windy roads alongside the shore line, just to hang with her. Oh the carefree days of youth! We can still carve out time for these kinds of days if we make the effort.

Beyond Moms need to do nothing sometimes, simply to keep ourselves rejuvenated and to be the best moms we can be. Incorporate some of these tips regularly and hopefully you will find more joy and fulfillment.

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