The Beyond Mom community consists of over 10,000 creative and productive women seeking experiences and tools for a deep dive into self and the connection to other women doing the same. Through our written content and interviews, popular podcast, inspiring events, and sold out retreats, we attract women and mothers who are not only developing their professional lives but are also seeking resources, products and experiences to best support their individual pursuits and growth. Customized sponsorships are available for brands seeking access to the Beyond Mom community. We work closely with brands to curate an authentic connection. 

As a passionate storyteller, leader and entrepreneur, Randi shares her message about self-care, productivity, and motherhood with corporations, brands or groups interested in offering their team tangible tools to thrive.

As a curator of retreats, Beyond Mom is an expert in creating intimate and unique experiences for women to rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves. We create retreats for companies as well as offer our own signature experiences to our followers. 

More details on our offerings are below and for further inquiry on working with Beyond Mom please email our Producer and Brand Curator Aileen at

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview with Randi, please contact Ashley Bernardi at 202-316-3298 or by email at

What we offer

Live Events

Whether fitness events, expert panel discussions or shopping experiences, these events bring tangible moments of connection and allow the brands we believe in to land into the hands of our community. Our panel discussions include thoughtful and insightful explorations into topics around motherhood, mindfulness, style and entrepreneurship, all curated through our vast network of powerful women. We have hosted these events at a variety of popular locations including the Deepak Chopra Homebase at ABC Home in NYC, Appleseeds, Physique 57,  Kendra Scott Jewelry, SoulCycle, Athleta Flatiron and more.  

Beyond Mom Content

Through written pieces, podcast interviews, social media engagement and newsletters, aligned brands can be highlighted and promoted to our targeted audience and followers.


We create next-level retreats for women, where our attendees can get the best of Beyond Mom, as well as access to top wellness experts. Women get to carve space and time to connect directly to their own needs- body, mind and spirit. These retreats take place in Beyond Mom’s private retreat space in The Hudson Valley.

We offer a day of movement, guided discussion, meditation, unique healing opportunities, healthy lunches and much more. In partnership, we curate days dedicated to specific content and explorations. 

Speaking and corporate engagements

As a passionate storyteller, leader and entrepreneur, Randi Zinn, founder of Beyond Mom offers talks, workshops and panels on topics that empower women and mothers. Participants gain tangible wisdom and walk away with a defined toolkit to utilize in their personal and professional lives. In a society of constant pressure to do and be it all, now more than ever, we must invest in the tools to renew perspectives and practice methods of self-care. Companies are investing in their teams more and more and Randi is proud to be part of those efforts toward building health and empowerment for all.