Tips for Keeping Hydrated and Glowing


As moms, you get how important hydration is for your kids, but what about for you? Water is literally the fuel for our lives. It makes up 60% of our body weight! Every cell in our body needs H2O to function properly. Water helps with healthy digestion, regularity and detoxification. It helps with mental clarity, energy, glowing skin and satiety. Hungry? Try drinking a glass of water before sticking your hand in your kid’s goldfish crackers.

As a baseline, you should aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces. So, if you weigh 140 pounds, then you should drink at least 70 oz of water daily. If you are active, drink more. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, drink more. If your pee is still a bright yellow or deep golden color, drink more!

Tips for Increasing Your Water Intake:

Use Refillable Water Bottles:

Keep a water bottle nearby and sip it throughout the day. Keep a glass of water by your bedside as well. We suggest using a refillable water bottle so you can keep track of your daily consumption. Note how many ounces your bottle holds and how many times you need to refill it. Or start your day with your water bottles filled and don’t stop drinking until they are all empty. Have a glass of water with lemon when you wake up in the morning. Drink a cup before each meal. Be sure to hydrate before, during and after exercise.

rzinn-med-proof-0251Mix It Up:

If plain water is tiresome, add chopped fruit or sliced cucumber and mint leaves or fresh lemon for a spa-worthy refreshment. Or sprinkle in some lemon or peppermint essential oil from doTerra, for on-the-go detoxing. We always keep a bottle in our bags. Switching it up with seltzer water is also a good option.

Think Outside the Glass:

You can also increase your hydration with water-rich fruits and veggies too, like watermelon, spinach, oranges and cucumbers which are made up of as much as 90% water.

Your metabolism will thank you! Even slight dehydration causes your metabolism to slow. WebMD reports that drinking water before a meal causes you to eat an average of 75 calories less. 75 calories * 3 meals a day * 365 days a year = 82,125 calories saved. That adds up to nearly 25 pounds over the year! Even if you just drink a glass before lunch you are on your way to an 8 pound loss. We’ll drink to that!

We hope these tips help you EMBODY Wellness. EMBODY Change. EMBODY Your Best Self!

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