Spring & Summer Beyond Mom Fitness Roundup


Since becoming a Mom, I felt the need to push my body a little harder. Sure, there was baby weight to loose, but I also realized that keeping up with a sturdy 35 lb toddler is no easy task. In my 20’s, yoga was my go-to. It seemed to keep me strong enough and I didn’t exactly crave anything further. But in this past year, I opened myself up to some more challenges. I noticed that these more intense workouts not only worked my body in ways that showed results but that my mind also responded positively- I feel more confident and more inspired to push toward my dreams. Mind and Body really are connected. As my body has responded to some of these next level workouts, I wanted to invest in some new workout gear. This go around, I tried some items from LA based yoga clothing company, Alo Yoga. Their clothing and quality is gorgeous and has taken me from yoga to spinning to IntenSati.

Try something new friends- give yourself a physical challenge. You will shock yourself at what you can actually do. And as Beyond Moms, we need to be strong, mind and body. We need to lift our kids, grow our businesses, and keep our self confidence while doing it. So dress for it and give some of my favorite workouts a try!

Soul Cycle

I’ve written about spinning before and how it really helped me to redefine what I thought I was capable of. It helped me lose the last of the baby weight and is now my favorite go-to workout when I don’t have a ton of time, and when I want sweat and kick-ass music. I also admit, there’s just enough soul in these workouts to feel that I’m connecting with something meaningful.

Ensemble: Alo Illusion Capri and Paddle Fast Tank. Also rocking my Alo Reusable Shopping Bag.


Laughing Lotus

This place has always been and will always be my yoga home. Blessed to be trained there and to have been a regular instructor on the schedule, I am assured hugs, stories, and always, an inspiring and heart-felt class. When I need my yoga fix, I head over to my Lotus Family.

Ensemble: Alo Goddess Bra


 Body Conceptions by Mahri

I originally met Mahri because of our shared passion for working with post-natal mamas seeking to get their bodies and their spirit back. When I took her class (with her awesome side-kick instructor Erin West, pictured below), I was hooked. Body Conceptions is a perfect combination of dance cardio and targeted exercises that tone the important parts. Mixed with amazing music and a room full of fantastic women, Body Conceptions has become my Monday morning go-to. I never leave in pain (as I have from some cardio dance workouts). I always leave feeling strong and toned.

Ensemble: For this one, I rocked my Body Conceptions tank top because it’s so cute and feminine.


IntenSati with Patricia Moreno

I had heard about Patricia Moreno and the powerful work she did- then I actually went to class and I honestly felt like I came out another (and better) person. The level of focus, community and strength developed in an IntenSati class is difficult to find anywhere else. What to expect? Lots of dancing, aerobics, martial arts, yoga all set to awesome music. What really sets it apart though is the use of positive affirmations throughout the movement series. Sounds weird? Take my word for it, it’s NOT. It really helps you to work out for the right reasons.

Ensemble: Airbrush Capri in Denim Painted Tiles. And of course, my IntenSati tank top. HairBand: Funky Shredz


City Row

This workout is next level. If you are looking to shed the baby weight or literally defy your own expectations of what you’re capable of- try a City Row class. In 50 minutes, expect rowing intervals, ab, leg, and arm workouts, weights, and calisthenics, all set to upbeat music that keeps you energized. The fact that the workout is broken into six-minute sections makes the workout mentally do-able and believe me, you feel so accomplished when you’ve completed it. Love the instructor Shaun Jenkens (pictured below).

Ensemble: Alo lllusion Capri and Mesa Tank over Goddess Bra

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