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Lauren Crew



Having a good eye for photography is a dynamic tool whether you’re expressing yourself as an artist, enhancing your instagram account or pursing the profession. We asked the expert photographer Lauren Crew to share her tips on the art of photography with Beyond Moms. Lauren’s style not only documents what happened but she beautifully captures the essence of how it felt to really be there. Her unique lifestyle brand is an attractive blend of candid creativity mixed with classic portraiture. From photographing kids to lighting tips, get inspired by Lauren’s advice on truthful storytelling. 

In this age of technology everyone is snapping photos and many brands are using social media platforms to market themselves through creative images. What are simple tips from a pro on taking a beautiful photo?

When in doubt, use window light. 


What is considered “good” and “bad” lighting? It really just depends.

I believe that the only “bad” lighting is lighting that doesn’t flatter someone or evoke some sort of emotion.

What’s the best way to approach shooting photos of rambunctious kids?

On the job, I always try and calm them down a bit by putting the camera away and just hanging out – sometimes the camera makes them act silly or upset so I have to ease into the shoot until they calm their nerves. If that doesn’t work, I just shoot away, go with the flow and let their motion work in my favor. I just warn their parents there will be a lot of “blur” – ha!


We love candid images- what is the trick for capturing them? I don’t have any “tricks” per say –

I just hang out with my subject and pull my camera up when something looks good, or when it appears that a moment is happening that needs to be recorded – which is usually an emotional moment.


What inspires you about images of moms and their children?

I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 18 years old. I never thought I would be doing family portraits or weddings as a photographer but when I do, I tap into my desire to give someone a photo of them and their mothers that I wish I had of my mom and I. One day it will matter. A lot. 

The photo below is from Presence, Lauren’s fine art photography project that explores her grief surrounding her mother’s death. To see the full project click here- Presence 


How do you develop a good eye for photos?

I wish I had the answer to this. For me, I draw inspiration from all forms of art, travel, music, food, relationships, films, you name it. If it inspires me, it is safe to say that I use it to influence my vision.  


What is the best time of day to take outside photos?

I prefer early morning light. But everyone is different. Of course there is golden hour which is always a winner. 


Any advice for an aspiring photographer?

Build a community, network and always follow through with who you network with. Honor your comfort zone but shake it up every now and then. HAVE FUN!

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