Going Beyond The Mom And Stepping Out Solo


This weekend two mommy friends stepped out solo. Mimosa and I met when our boys were six weeks old, both babies snuggled up against our chests in their ergo carriers. Ben and Micah are two days apart, so it’s been fun watching them grow both individually and in the way they interact with one another. It was clear from go that Mimosa and I had much to talk about but let’s face it, play dates do not create the conditions for uninterrupted, focused conversation. So over the course of two years we have patiently developed a close and supportive friendship but often communicate in bits and pieces. Text messages often follow good-byes to complete incomplete conversations! You mommies know what I’m talking about.

This past Saturday, we decided that it was time to enjoy some girl time, uninterrupted. So for the first time ever (minus an unexpected run-in at our local lunch cafe), Mimosa and I stepped out solo.

We put on some makeup, Mimosa wore an adorable skirt, and we enjoyed a delightful meal at SoHo’s Pearl and Ashes. We enjoyed wine, delightful small plates, dessert and friendly interactions with our dining neighbors. The restaurant was that perfect balance of styled and relaxed. Best of all, as I’m sure you can imagine, was the uninterrupted, lovely, expressive conversation. I never knew that Mimosa and her husband climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro! These are the things it’s difficult the hear about during play date conversation!

It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t trade in our silly, broken play date banter with our little ones playing at out feet. But this was excellent addition to our evolving friendship. Make time to get to know your mommy friends more deeply- take a Saturday evening, leave the kids and Daddy’s behind, and get to know the  woman behind the Mommy. If you need some restaurant recommendations I’m happy to help!