This Month We Are Celebrating Female Relationships and Here’s Why!


I’ve been thinking recently about how I simply couldn’t live without the women in my life. Through my pregnancy and the early days of new motherhood (for the second time), moments big and small have made a huge impact: the comforting words of my own mom when exhaustion feels overwhelming, the presence of my best girlfriend spending the day with my son while I gave birth to our daughter, my mother in law flying in to help out while my husband travels, and the couch conversation with fellow entrepreneurs who get the challenges it takes to grow a business with soul. And of course, my sweet little girl- she who I hope soaks in these powerful and kind-hearted women who surround her and will evolve into a woman of strength and beauty herself.

The month of May celebrates our mothers but here at Beyond Mom, we are acknowledging all the women who nurture us, encourage us, pick us up when we are down and celebrate with us when we soar. We started the month with an unforgettable event with Mahri Relin of Body Conceptions and our friends at Athleta– we sweat it out, hung out and enjoyed an energizing Sunday morning together. Now we’ve asked some of our monthly writers, as well as a few of our favorite event partners to share stories of the women in their lives and how they’ve made an impact. I hope these stories inspire you to reach out and thank the women in your life for what they do and to give love right back to them. 

Enjoy the beautiful expressions we will share with you this month- share them with your community- we all need inspiration, don’t we? Reshare, retweet or simply send in an email. Those on the receiving end will be grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day to you Beyond Moms. I hope this year you’re showered with the love and respect you deserve for being fabulous YOU.