The Visual Guide for Holiday Portion Control


Hello Beyond Moms! We are so excited to be part of this community, offering you monthly doses of wellness! We love learning from your experiences, getting inspiration from your achievements and rejoicing in our shared experiences (the good, the bad and the messy!) as moms and beyond! You amaze us and we hope to amaze you too with a year filled with bite sized tools targeted to help you along your journey to EMBODY Wellness! Let’s do this!

Ah, the Holidays! The family, friends and food. Laughter, joy and stress. Drinks, merriment and hangovers and still work needs to get done and kids inevitably get sick. The tempting comfort food, lack of sleep and changing weather are realities of this time of year. It is common (but not necessary) to gain weight, notice dullness in your skin and feel sluggish until your extreme New Years Resolution cleanse.


Your social calendar and nagging great-aunt may be unavoidable, but there is one thing you can control to keep your waistline in check and that 3-day-detox on the store shelves. You can control your portions.

Even when we chose the healthy options: grilled lean protein, quinoa, grass fed cheese, nut butters, our serving sizes may be sabotaging our best intentions. We are used to American restaurant portions and oversized dinner plates – even larger forks! But too much of anything is too much. Below are our top tips and visual cues to keep your portions under control and your appetite satisfied without having to measure or weigh your food and without having to sacrifice the treats you love! To read more of our Top Tips to Thrive Through the Holidays, check out our blog!

EWC’s Top Portion Control Tips:

Picture your plate: This tip applies all year round, not just during the holidays. In your mind, divide your plate into ¼ s. Fill 2 of the ¼ s (½ ) of your plate with non-starchy vegetables: salad, brussels sprouts, sauteed greens, squash, roasted cauliflower, etc. You can never overdose on veggies, especially the green ones, so load up! Allocate ¼ of your plate to protein (see our portion visual cue below): turkey, fish, chicken, grass fed beef, beans, tofu, etc. Use the last ¼ of your plate for more veggies or complex carbs: sweet potato, fruit, whole grains (quinoa, farro, buckwheat, brown rice, wheat berries, etc.). Using this guideline, you are less likely to overload on empty calories and guilt-inducing foods like the triple scoop of mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese and stuffing.

The glass does not need to be half full: A serving of wine or alcohol is not a glass of wine or alcohol. Wine glasses are more like goblets and hosts are generous with their pours. A red wine glass from Crate & Barrel is as big as 26oz. A serving of wine is 4oz. Even if you fill your glass halfway, you are still drinking more than three servings of wine with each glassful. Noted.

Start with less, you can always get more: If there is food sitting on your plate in front of you, you are more likely to eat it. That is just a fact. So, start with a small portion of the foods you know you should limit and fill the rest of your plate with veggies (non-starchy) and lean protein. Really enjoy eating the bites on your plate, feeling grateful for the indulgence. You will likely be satisfied, feeling decadent without the remorse. If you are still craving an extra bite after you finish your plate, take a moment to rest and drink a glass of water, then you can always go back for seconds if the desire still lingers.

Know that this is not your last supper: You will have many more opportunities to eat again. Tomorrow alone brings breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or two. This is not your last chance to enjoy delicious food. Take a deep breath and know that there is always another meal or bite awaiting you just a few hours from now!

EWC’s Visual Guide to Portion Control:

Protein (meat, chicken, fish): Bronzer compact

Cheese: Lipstick container or a Tic Tacs box

Fruit: Tennis ball

Nuts: Altoids tin

Nut Butter, Hummus, Guacamole: Golf Ball

Fats (Oils, Butter, Ghee): Mini nail polish bottle (just the part that holds the nail polish!)

Baked or Mashed Potato: Computer mouse

Whole Grains: Cupcake tin liner

Dark Chocolate: Eye shadow compact

Vegetables (non-starchy): As much as you want! (Can overdose on broccoli and kale?)

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