Celebrating the Feminine over Delicious Lemonade


Every day is a day to celebrate the women in our lives that have empowered us, laughed with us, cried with us, taught us, supported us, hugged us, listened to us, partied with us, shared their souls with us. Love flows amongst the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, friends, mentors, colleagues and teachers that have shaped our lives. No need to wait for special occasions to spread the love. Now is a great time.

In the spirit of feminine power, I am called to touch upon Beyonce’s latest visual album ‘Lemonade’ that is sending shock waves through pop culture. Sister circle strength dominates. We as women have always had the skills and strength to turn lemons into lemonade. There is a power of women in numbers while supporting one another through heartbreak and the nuisances of life. I love it when women highlight the natural beauty of other women, when stories are shared of maternal family traditions being passed down through the generations. I personally don’t know what I would do without the women in my life. Do you? Throughout life, my girls & elders, during all facets of life, have brought me immense joy and kept me sane.


There is an amusing wisdom in the magnificent Maya Angelou’s words when she advised, “Have friends of both sexes. But pay special attention to your sister friends. One day lover man may disappear, and it will be your sister friends who will be there to comfort you and tell you when it’s time to get a grip.” I had to laugh. Oh the hours and years spent with friends conversing over the ‘lover man’s’ disappearance or drama. We women can not exist without our community of women. This deep, soulful connection is what keeps women on average outliving men. It’s in the power of our relationships, our vulnerability, our openness and honesty! Crazy but true.

As busy mothers it can be challenging to stay in touch with our girls, but let’s make a commitment to strengthen those connections.

Seven Keys to Reconnect the Feminine Bonds in Your Life:

-Call or see an old friend you adore– (texting doesn’t count – unless you plan for an in person gathering)

-Think of a woman that inspired you in your life (teacher, mentor, friend) & write a letter of appreciation & gratitude. Handwritten on nice stationary. Yes, I’m old school.

-Plan a Girls night out – See to it.

-Call your elders, (mom, grandmother, great aunt, maternal figure.) They love hearing from us.

-Share with your best girlfriends how much you love them. It’s so nice to be showered with love.

-Plan a Mother/Daughter special outing….with your mom and/or if you have an older daughter, just you two.

-Make an effort to get to know a new friend a little better. Plan a fun outing.


As Mother’s Day recently passed, I was able to reconnect with my gratitude for the powerful women who came before me. My beloved Italian grandmother born in 1921, oldest of six, knew in her soul there was more to life than her intimate community and traditional upbringing. She was bold enough to leave the comfort of home, join the Navy and set out to achieve and live a life beyond her wildest expectations, traveling and working her way up the ladder when it was rather rare in her day. There is such power in an independent woman that knows what she wants and sets out to achieve it.

My grandmother was an enormous influence in my life to the point where my family have always said “You’re just like Nana.” We spent a lot of time as kids with our grandparents and I admired everything about her…loving kindness, caring, natural beauty, über chic, well-traveled, ultimate homemaker, successful with a husband that adored her. Not sure how she did it. Her daughter, my mother, followed in the footsteps of living life on her own terms, including married an African university student, my father, in the 1960s. She continued to shock her mother quiet a few times through life and the power of love always prevailed. Nothing I do is quite as dramatic & bold as my mother’s life. As I write this, my mother who just turned 70 was just on safari in Tanzania and this is the email I get today….”In Zanzibar eating dinner, listening to the waves on the beach. Beautiful day.” Really? It’s raining in Brooklyn right now! Inspiration alert everyone…our senior years can be just the beginning.

I hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day. Beyond Mom’s deserve it with all of our diligence and juggling mixed with warmth and lots of love. Moms are so slick though. Under the disguise of compromise, mothers are the true captains of the ship. So let’s give a special shout out of love to ourselves, be kind to ourselves, take care of ourselves, as only when we experience these gifts can we be at our best to then care for our loved ones and the world. How ironic is it that my daughter and niece were just singing Cyndi Lauper’s girl power anthem ‘Girls just wanna have fun!’ That about sums it up. Fun and forever making delicious lemonade.

By Hope McGrath – Transformational Coach + Fashion Consultant- www.hopemcgrath.com

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Beyond Mom’s kindly consider spreading the love to my own mother’s non-profit H2 Empower. Our family organization  aspires to empower lives in Ethiopia and Burundi through supporting access to high quality education for all. This includes building a library, sending thousands of books, training teachers and librarians, developing girls empowerment programs, sponsoring college education for top students, building computer labs, plus helping communities develop sustainable improvement in quality of life through providing access to clean water in rural Ethiopian villages.  H2 Empower is dedicated to increasing connectivity to the global community so that all individuals can reach their highest potential for their families and our greater society.