6 Prenatal Fitness Classes for a Healthy Bump


I often turn to Red Tricycle for guidance on unique family to-do’s in the city.  I found this fun article that’s perfect for active Mamas sporting baby bumps. Red Tricycle presents six prenatal fitness classes that will have you breaking a sweat, safely, with baby on board. Don’t miss the whole article from Red Tricycle. 

Make a Splash

Feel weightless (for once) and relieve pressure on your growing body in a water aerobics class. Aquamom welcomes all levels of fitness into a private 60-minute class that focuses on strength training and cardio at your own pace. Warning: Classes are kept small to allow for individual attention and this means it can be hard to get a spot in this popular class. Aquamom grads say if at first you can’t make a reservation, try, try again. It’s worth the wait.

Moms Love: Ankle and wrist floats – they allow you to do resistance exercises while maintaining balance in deep water and working your muscles without the heavy weight of your bump.

Location and schedule: Financial District, Midtown, and Upper East Side; email info@aquamom.com to get on the wait list

Cost: $395 for 8 sessions


Go to the Barre

Want to preserve those long, lean gorgeous muscles throughout your pregnancy (or at least try to find them again)? Try the unique 57-minute barre-based workout for expecting moms at Physique 57. The Prenatal/Postnatal class combines light cardio, strength training and stretching to work your arms, thighs, seat and abs of during and after pregnancy.

Moms Love: Upright V thigh work (see photo) – a great pose to strengthen and sculpt your thighs and hamstrings while  working your pelvic floor against gravity and preparing for labor and delivery.

Locations: 2109 Broadway, Upper West Side; 24 W 57th St., Columbus Circle; and 161 Avenue of the Americas, SoHo

Schedule: Tues., Fri., Sat., & Sun., times vary based on location; register online here

Cost: $36 per class and new clients enjoy 2 classes for the price of 1, (discount packages available)


Strike a Pose

Compare notes with other expecting moms in the moderately paced 90-minute prenatal yoga class at Yoga Vida. Each class begins and ends with a restorative pose to connect with baby, relax the body, and de-stress the mind. But it’s no nap fest. Promise! Basic yoga asana allows you to strengthen the body and increase stamina required for labor (kegels anyone?).

Moms Love: Pigeon pose – it opens the hips (making more room for baby) and stretches the back, butt and thigh muscles in all the right spots.

Locations: 99 University Pl., Union Square and 666 Broadway, SoHo

Schedule: Sat., 9:30 a.m., Sun., 9:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m., register online here

Cost: $15 per class, (discount packages available)