Reviewing the Gabriel Method

the-gabriel-method-coverSo I was watching a documentary (it’s a sickness) called Hungry for Change. At first, I assumed it was going to be a vegan or at the very least a vegetariean documentary because so many are these days. I’m a firm believer that meat is the right choice for me, so even though I’ll watch the documentary and really try to take it all in, it just doesn’t really click for me why I would base my eating choices on eliminating food that is natural. Please note: If you are vegetarian or vegan I totally support your choice. I’m not trying to push my stuff on anyone else.

It was a very cool documentary because there were vegetarians, a vegan (I think), and other people and they all had these different opinions on diet but they all came together that the important thing was getting the nutrients your body needs and how we aren’t getting those right now. It was interesting, well put together, and had someone for everyone.

One of the people in this documentary was Jon Gabriel. He lost a bunch of weight doing visualization and changing his beliefs about food. It sounds so simple and it is. But, like my great-grandmother always said, “It is easier to be good than to be simple.” The simple stuff is – at least for me – always the difficult part. The mundane day-to-day of it all. Jon put things in a perspective that made me want to get his book.

I got it from the library. It took a few days because there was a waiting list. I think I’m going to buy a copy to keep around. It’s the most interesting not-diet book I’ve ever read, because it has nothing to do with food or workouts or not eating this and that and definitely don’t eat a wiffle ball bat. It was about changing your mindset toward food and your body.

It was about the issues that led to being fat in the first place. It was about resetting your weight set-point.

It was GOOD.

Now, don’t get me wrong. What is good for me might not be good for you. If you don’t like the idea of your animal brain having control of your weight gain/loss then you are not going to like this book. If you think all visualization is woo-woo and best left to people who aren’t you (with your love of logic and charts, gosh aren’t you sexy in those statistics) then you will not like this book. If you don’t want to forgive the people who have wronged you and you do not want to look into your past for things that may still be causing you emotional pain…this is absolutely not the book for you.

If you’re not open to looking at some ugly within yourself, you’re going to think this whole thing is quackery of the highest, quackiest order.

I get you. Really, I do. It’s okay, because not all books are for all people.

But…if you are willing to get a little woo-woo and do some visualization and forgive some folks and get in touch with your bruised, tender spots, this book could – at the very least – help you through those little quagmires that live in your soul and accidently suck you down from time to time.

Totally worth the price of admission, which is free if you go to the library.

I’ll update my progress with this method as I go through it. Considering I’ve already revamped my diet and I exercise at least three times a week it might be the weight loss I’ve already had will just continue. But, like I said, the chance to clear out some of the baggage that still lives inside me is a chance I’m not going to pass up. If it helps to reset my natural weight set-point, so much the better for me.

It’s like a box of my favorite cereal with a prize inside. The Gabriel Method is the prize inside the box.

This post is not sponsored in any way. Just wanted to let you know. If you want the book you can go to amazon and search for it or go to your local library or bookseller. Hungry for Change is available on Netflix. It might also be available on Amazon Prime or Hulu. I’m not sure. If you’ve already read the book or seen the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Honestly, I like to hear your thoughts on anything so even if you haven’t. I’m all ears!

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