That One Time We Went to the Boats

cards-jokerI love movies and books about casinos. From documentaries to feature-films, I can’t get enough.

The thing is, I was always nervous about the lights and the noise and everything else that comes with the experience of a casino. Maybe it’s the way I process noise and sound, or maybe it’s my anxiety, but either way, the few times I’ve been to Las Vegas I have not been the best person to hang out with because I can only be in a casino for a few minutes.

This was all completely forgotten and years behind me when my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the boats. If you have never been, “the boats” refers to a few different gambling boats that are in the Chicagoland/Indiana area. They are docked so you don’t have to worry about the boat swaying or rocking, which is good because people would be dropping change willy-nilly all over the place if there were a storm!

The thing is, the boats have the same level of noise and craziness that exist in Las Vegas – all recreated for you in the heart of the midwest! But for people like me, this just isn’t my idea of a good time. I’d much rather hang out at home and relieve my boredom by having some fun on or a Facebook game.

But we still went. I always wander aimlessly with this crazy “deer in the headlights” look because I can’t focus on anything. I was brought back to my senses by a waitress asking me if I’d like a drink. I was amazed at how cute – if small – her outfit was. Black with multicolored rhinestones in a little jumper with shorts. I was wondering if it came in my size when she repeated herself.

You bet I wanted a drink!

I spent my time hanging out with my friend while she played some game that was based on aincent Egypt and marvelled at the confusing ways you had to get your little people in order to win. She was having a blast and we were able to just hang out and talk while she played which gave the evening more of a party feel.

The best part is that we got to eat at the restaurant, which was an amazing steakhouse.

I love a good steakhouse.

There was also a fun cover band that was playing Prince songs and people were dancing like there was no tomorrow, so that was super fun to watch.

There is nothing quite as entertaining and cool as watching a senior lady go from guy to guy flirting and dancing. She was kind of my idol for a hot minute, because she was a great dancer and was having a blast. I hope I’m still having that much fun when I’m her age!


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  1. i’ve never been into casinos..

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