Why Amelia is the Perfect Companion for Your Daughter (Advertorial)

When it comes to shopping for girls, it tends to be nothing short of a nightmare at the best of times. Many toy manufacturers seem to think that, these days, our children go immediately from being three years old to being teenagers, without living through the ten years in the middle.

Thankfully, A Girl for All Time recognised that there was a major flaw in the girls’ toys market for 6 – 12 year olds, especially, and set about putting that right.

The result? An inspirational collection of history based dolls, novels, and collectibles, which truly bring the past to life and offer a suitable, age-appropriate toy for girls in the age group we talked about.

We looked at Amelia, one of the key dolls in the A Girl for All Time range, and why she is the perfect companion for your daughter, little sister, niece, or friends’ little girl.

Meet Amelia

Let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first – Amelia stands at sixteen inches tall and is produced from high quality, durable vinyl, with moving elbow and knee joints so you can change her outfit when necessary. This makes Amelia perfect for withstanding playtime with your child and any bumps and scrapes she may get into, although she will obviously appreciate protecting and nurturing with much love. Amelia comes dressed in a blue Victorian school dress and straw hat, with petticoat, socks, and her school boots included, too.

Amelia herself is a twelve-year old schoolgirl, growing up in Victorian-era London. Like all girls of her age, she has many hopes and dreams for the future, although Amelia stands out from her peers in that she is a well-balanced individual. A fortune-teller once promised her vast wealth and riches, and Amelia was mature enough to take it with a pinch of salt.

Building the Picture

Amelia’s story does not end merely with the doll and her ability to know when a fortune teller may be spinning her a yarn. There are three additional outfits available for Amelia, all made with high-quality materials that allow your child to dress her suitably for whatever activity she is undertaking each day.

With a silk party dress, velvet opera cloak, and beautiful stage costume to choose from, Amelia is certain not to cramp the style of her owner at any time.

Amelia is a wonderful loyal and loving companion, providing your child with hours of traditional playtime fun and games, as well as a highly collectible and unique toy.


Amelia will be starring in her own novel, “Amelia’s Inheritance,” which will be available in November.

Disclaimer: This post was not written by me and, as such, the opinions expressed are that of the toy company and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the owner/writer of this blog.

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