Technical Difficulties (the human kind not the tech kind)


Please stand by, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties. I am supposed to be doing the Come Play In May Read More →

Fashion I Wish Was Still In Style – Come Play in May


Come on now, you know I’m {mostly} kidding. I tried to find a picture of a mom holding a baby Read More →

Raw – Come Play In May


I was hoping for something a little more upbeat for today’s prompt – aka the prompt I participate in again Read More →

The Price of Insurance & Saying Goodbye to Savings


This post is not about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare). My husband’s job provides this magical pony of a Read More →

Mr. Brickie Goes to Chancery Court (May 2014)


Part 1 – The Pre-Court Portion of the Blog Post The saga of our maybe-foreclosure continues…. Yesterday, Mr. Brickie went Read More →

Why My Family is Like A Poorly Run Small Business


I was talking with Mr. Brickie this morning and we were going over our normal morning stuff. What we’re doing Read More →

Breathe – Find Your Zen (A Come Play in May Post)

I have a problem. My problem destroys my zen and literally takes my breath away. I overexplain. Where an “Okay” Read More →

Vague – Come Play In May


I am guessing the key to this prompt is to be vague enough that none of you have any idea Read More →

Art & Creating Beauty – Come Play In May


Uh….I suck at art. Except picmonkey. Well, I have photoshop but I’m lazy and PicMonkey gives me the ability to Read More →

The Ball I Dropped


If you haven’t caught on by now, this is not one of the most upbeat blog thingies to link up Read More →