3 Reasons Poor People Don’t Like Fruits and Vegetables You Might Not Know!


I’m so tired of people acting like being poor automatically makes you a frozen pizza eating, Twinkie-huffing heifer that bathes Read More →

Housing Counselors Are Confusing


Yesterday we went downtown with the youngest to visit the housing counselors that are supposed to be helping us get Read More →

April Net Worth & Budget Update (a twofer!)


I know last time I made this two posts, but really that’s just kind of delaying the inevitable. This month Read More →

Playing Hooky From School to Go Shopping and Other Things


Oh, y’all, that last blog post I wrote when I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder kept me down Read More →

My Husband. My Love. My Bricklayer.


Let me warn you right off the bat, this one gets sappy. The main point I’m trying to get across Read More →

Happy Week Ahead Even If I Hate Sunday Night


I’m starting out a little mopey tonight. If you don’t want to hear about it just skip to the next Read More →

Charter Schools, Shoes, Backpacks, and iPhones with Net10


We have a charter school in my area. It didn’t exist with my oldest, but I tried to get my Read More →

I Am A Thrift Store Savant


I can say savant, right? That’s not an insult? I’m never sure. There are so many groups lobbying for so Read More →

DMV Data Breach! Time to Destroy the Credit Cards?


So, about this California DMV credit card data breach, huh? (That link goes to the Krebs on Security blog, which is now my Read More →

How and Why One Mom Started Vaping (an e-cigarette love story)


After re-reading this post for typos and grammar, I feel it sounds like an advertisement or “sponsored” post for vaping Read More →